Wolf Packs Tracks - our durable life-sized wolf paw print decals
These durable products can be applied to automobiles, windows or any smooth surface. When in place they look like a painted stencil, as each section of the decal is separate (not a low cost silk screened sticker), kept in alignment with a special removable overlay film.

Each set includes two front & two hind paw print decals. Available in dark grey.

Tracks™ (Set of four) $9.50

Photo Gallery

Toyota pickup truck with Tracks decals
This Toyota truck has proudly worn seven sets of Tracks since 1989! Here they are, running along the side. They continue across the back and onto the other side. This is just one idea of what you can do to display your love for wildlife (particularly canines).

VW Thing with Tracks decals
Tracks run across Rover, our restored 1974 Volkswagen Thing. This Thing really turns heads. You might enjoy visiting Rover’s website to read about her restoration and see a few of her adventures.