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How to Contact Wolf Packs

If you have a question that isn't addressed on our FAQ page or would like to place an order with us by a method other than our shopping cart, please click on any of the contact methods below (in bold) for more details.

Voice Phone

Wolf Packs can be reached by telephone at 541-482-7669. It is best to call us between the hours of 9am to 4pm Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday. Since we are usually busy making products for our customers and also sneak away whenever possible for some trail time, you might reach our answering machine. If you do, please leave your complete question or order information on the machine. As we are a small company, it is secure to do so, and will speed up your answer or order considerably by saving all of us rounds of "telephone tag".


Due to time constraints, we prefer that our customers contact us by phone: 541-482-7669. Please search our website (especially our FAQ) for an answer to your question. If you can not answer your question there, then give us a call. If you really need to email us, we can be reached at traildog(AT) Remember to replace (AT) with @ in the email address.


Sometimes people need to mail in their order, send pictures & stories, or exchange/return a product. You may use the following address to send items to us:

Wolf Packs, Inc.

1940 Soda Mountain Rd.

Ashland, OR 97520

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