About Us

Linda & Paul have been producing an evolving line of outdoor gear since 1981. We have designed every Wolf Packs brand product to fit comfortably on the canine anatomy. Intense attention to detail and quality is what our products are known for, and what we stake our reputation on. We proudly make all of our products in the USA.

Our Samoyeds, Lightning and Nimbus, leading the team
Our facility is located in the rural Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon, ¼ mile from the Pacific Crest Trail where we frequently hike with our own dogs. We run a small kennel of purebred Samoyeds known as Pacific Crest Samoyeds. Our dogs love the outdoors as much as we do. We try to get out with the them once or twice a week for some fresh air and exercise. When we have snow, the dogs love to pull our dog sled. This picture shows two of our dogs, Lightning and Nimbus, running lead on our team. In addition to these boys, we also have Stormy, Lightning's daughter. We enjoy training our dogs for the sled dog racing season, and they also love to backpack with us. Pictures of our Sammies can be seen here and there on our web site, but perhaps the most recognizable is the picture of Lightning wearing his royal blue Reflector dog pack in the image at the top of each page.

The Wolf Packs family in the mid-1990's
This picture is from the early-1990’s and shows some of our dogs wearing their packs, dirty and worn with many miles of off-trail use. From left to right: Kiska using her burgundy Reflector dog pack, Linda, Paul, and Kiba wearing her teal Reflector. The dogs carry a collapsible water bowl, water, and yummy treats for all of us. These two sweet girls left us years ago, and we still miss them to this day.