This is our sweet and powerful dog Nimbus (Ch Wolf River's Thunder Cloud WSX CGC CHIC). He and Lightning are almost full brothers.

Nimbus pulling a milk jug
Like most top sled dogs, Nimbus learned how to pull at an early age. Our 4.5 month old puppy was introduced to a special adjustable puppy harness. Then we encouraged him to drag light weight objects such as this partly filled plastic jug. Doing so got him used to a noisy thing following him. Nimbus was all together unphased by the rumbling milk jug. After turning his head to look at the object, he walked along with happy enthusiasm while being praised for doing so.

Lightning and Nimbus enjoying a moment with four of our most famous presidents
During one of our trips across the country, we visited Mount Rushmore. Our dogs happily lined up next to the four immortalized presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln), posing as if to have their likenesses added to the granite mountainside. Nimbus is on the right, Lightning on the left.

Lightning and Nimbus at a sled dog race at Priest Lake, Idaho
Our boys won the Samoyed Club of America annual Top Sled Dog Award for the 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 racing seasons. They also won the SCA 2006 Top Sprint Racing Award, which means these prestigious awards were won by our dogs all three years they have raced! This picture was taken during the 3-Dog class at Priest Lake, Idaho. The other teams all ran the full three dogs. We should have been handicapped for running a smaller team, but out of 10 teams our boys won 3rd Place at this race!

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