Book Store for Trail Dog Owners

We stock a few books which are great for learning about backpacking, hiking, and enjoying the backcountry with dogs.

A Guide To Backpacking With Your Dog (Revised Edition)
by Charlene LaBelle
Cover of book Backpacking With Your Dog
This book offers ideas about selecting and fitting a dog pack, what to pack, basic conditioning, training guidelines, day hikes & overnighters, packing titles for dogs, and finding the perfect places to explore. Various equipment is discussed. This title is a classic. We are very proud that our dogs, Lightning and Nimbus, grace its cover.

108 pages, photographs, 6" x 9", soft cover, 2004

A Guide To Backpacking With Your Dog $12.95 

You might enjoy reading the author's comments (scroll down to “An Experienced Hiker's Comments”) about our dog packs.

Hiking With Dogs, Becoming a Wilderness-Wise Dog Owner ( 2nd Edition)
by Linda B. Mullally
Cover of book Hiking With Dogs
The author shares her experiences and insights about hiking and backpacking the eastern Sierra with her two dogs. She includes detailed recommendations on raising a hiking dog, bonding, training, equipment, trail etiquette, and preventing wildlife conflicts, with a special section on dog-friendly public lands.

89 pages, 4" x 7", soft cover

Hiking With Dogs $11.50 

Dog First Aid (Revised Edition)
by Randy Acker, DVM
Cover of book Dog First Aid
Emergency care for the hunting, working, and outdoor dog. A pocket field guide covers the injuries and problems that your dog can encounter in the field - presenting symptoms and treatment. This little book is packed with useful information, and is a great item to keep in your dog's pack.

92 pages, 4" x 6", easy-open, lay-flat binding, soft cover

Dog First Aid $15.00