This page has links to some information that we've found interesting or useful, most of which focuses on hiking with dogs. Click on the selections below (in bold) for more details.

Canine Hiking Clubs

Alaskan Malamute Club of America - The AMCA offers two packing titles for Alaskan Malamutes, the Working Pack Dog (WPD) and Working Pack Dog Excellent (WPDX) titles.
American Working Collie Association Back-Packing Program - The AWCA offers Backpack Dog (BPD), Backpack Dog Excellent (BPDX), Backpacking Wilderness (BPW), and Backpacking Grand Wilderness (BPGW) titles for Collies.
Alaskan Malamute HELP League - Offers titles to all breeds in the following areas: Sledding & Skijoring (WTD or WLD); Weight pulling (WWPD), and Backpacking (WPD)
California Canine Hikers - Promotes hiking with dogs and offers weekly hikes in southern California (LA & Orange Counties) and an informative newsletter.
Dog Scouts of America - A fun learning adventure for you and dogs of all breeds. Titles can be earned for backpacking: Pack Dog (PD), Pack Dog Excellent (PDX), and Utility Pack Dog (UPD).
Harriman Park Hiking - This group is for those who enjoy hiking with dogs (or without) and walking in NY and NJ (in Harriman Park) and wish to arrange informal hikes with others. Regular Friday group hike, as well as lesser dog friendly hikes earlier in the week.
K-9 Trailblazers - A dog hiking club located in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area . Hold monthly, leashed hikes on dog-friendly trails in the area.
Samoyed Club of America - The SCA offers three working titles for Samoyeds: Working Samoyed (WS), Working Samoyed Excellent (WSX), and Master Working Samoyed (WSXM).
Siberian Husky Club of America - Siberian Huskys in this program may earn two titles: Working Pack Dog (WPD) and Working Pack Dog Excellent (WPDX).
Sierra Club K-9 Hiking - Basic information from the Sierra Club about hiking with dogs. Some chapters will allow dogs.
Tahoe Trail Trekkers - Weekly evening 1-2 hour walks through October in North Lake Tahoe & Truckee, Northern California. Dogs welcome. Call (530) 546-3452 or (530) 583-8115 for specifics.

Dog Sites

Bad Dog Chronicles - Stories about canine's misdeeds
The British Mushers Association Sleddog Site - Mushing resources, race results, Ezine - Online travel guide for dog owners with pictures and descriptions of places.
Dog Friendly Hikes near Baltimore - Fun & interesting dog friendly hikes near Baltimore
Dog-Play - Many links to various sites that feature fun & unusual dog activities
GORP's Pet Page - Backpacking, hiking and travel information
Hiking & Backpacking with Canines - rec.pets.dogs FAQ
Mushing Boot Camp - Workshops which offers you hours of hands on experience training your dogs with your own equipment.
Sled Dog Central - An information site for sled dog activities
Skijoring - Cross country skiing with your dog
SuperPuppy - Puppy training books and classes
Take Your Pet - Pet friendly and up-to-date pet travel source

Reviews of Our Products

Agile Pooch - Dog Backpack Feature Comparison (a detailed review of most of the dog packs on the market)
Backpacker Gear Test - A group of owners of our Banzai pack tested and reviewed
Backpacker Gear Test II - Review of the Banzai by the owner of an Australian Shepherd
Equip 2 Endure Survival Gear - Video review of our Reflector dog pack
Independent Review by Derek Lidbom - Customer reviewed our Reflector on his blog
Independent Review by Owner of a Great Pyrenees Mix - packing with our Banzai pack
Rottweiler Discussion Forum - Forum thread discussing our Banzai dog pack
Shiba Inu Forum - Review by an owner of our Banzai dog pack

Trail Dog Related Mailing Lists

SAMFANS L - A forum for the information regarding the Samoyed, including general information about the breed, rescue, training, health issues specific to or common in the breed, conformation, obedience, mushing, therapy, agility, weight pull, packing and any other Samoyed activity.

Sleddog List - This is a list for people who are interested in dog sports including dog packing, skijoring, mushing, weight pulling, carting, pulk, and related activities.

Traildog List - This is a popular and active discussion list for people who hike and backpack with dogs. Topics include conditioning, dog packs, hiking trip journals and hiking areas open to dogs. Other threads include sledding and skijoring.

Working Sam L - This is a discussion group sponsored by the Organization for the Working Samoyed (OWS). The primary purpose of this list is to establish and maintain a healthy network of Samoyed owners who are actively working their dogs in any number of working venues.

Trails & Resources

Appalachian Trail
Bear Safety Tips
Bureau of Land Management
Cool Trails - Trails in the western USA & Canada
Continental Divide Trail Alliance - To promote, construct, and manage a primitive trail along the Continental Divide
Ice Age Trail - a 1,000-mile national and state scenic trail located entirely in Wisconsin
National Forest Service
Pacific Crest Trail Association - Provides information about the PCT and the John Muir Trail
Recreational Opportunities on Federal Lands - Information from all of the federal land management agencies and allows you to search for recreation sites by state, agency, or recreational activity (including if pets are allowed)
Tick Information

YouTube Videos

Backpacking with the dogs - Two Siberians wearing one of our Reflector and Trekker packs, shows stability when worn
Equip 2 Endure Survival Gear - Video review of our Reflector dog pack