Our Patches

We offer some beautiful embroidered patches for your traildog's equipment. You can sew our functional patches directly on to your gear. Customers have reported that they have also had success using a strong glue (such as Gorilla Glue) to secure their patches to fabric.

Trail Dog Patch

Trail Dog patch
This semi-triangular set is made up of four individual patches. The main Trail Dog patch can be used alone, or combined with any of our four Mileage Patches. The Trail Dog patch measures 2.5" across the bottom edge, 2.75" high.

Trail Dog Patch  $5.00

Mileage Patches

Mileage Patches
These rocker shapped patches measure 4" from tip to tip, and nest along one of the sides of the Trial Dog patch. All patches have a yellow background with a black border. Choose from six different patches: 25 Miles, 50 Miles, 100 Miles, 300 Miles (not shown). 500 Miles (not shown), 1000 Miles (not shown).

Mileage Patches  $3.00
Choose 25 Miles, 50 Miles, 100 Miles, 300 Miles, 500 Miles, or 1000 Miles

Wolf Packs Logo Patch

Wolf Packs logo patch
Our 3" inch wide, 2" tall, semi-circular patch is embroidered in five colors on an off white background. Across the top it reads "WOLF PACKS in red. Our classic backpack-toting logo Wolfy sports a red dog pack. Green grass grows beneath his feet. The entire patch is finished with an edge of black embroidery.

Wolf Packs® Logo Patch $ 3.00

Besides the designs offered here, we also produce many different patches used by Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs around the world..