Kiba #2 (Wolf Hybrid)

Kiba in deep snow with her Banzai dog pack
This is our Kiba modeling her royal blue Banzai dog pack. Like all northern breed canines, she really enjoys the snow. Here she was romping through elbow deep powder, often stopping to poke her long nose deep into the snow in search of hidden treasures.

Kiba leaping down a hilliside in her Banzai dog pack
This photo was shot was during one of our many outings in deep snow. Kiba was a blur of action, which made it rather hard to photograph her. As you can see, her Banzai dog pack stayed put even while she bounced through the deep snow.

Nikita (Samoyed)

Nikita wearing his Reflector dog pack in snow
Nikita, owned by Greg Newell of Expedition Samoyeds, models his Reflector and dog booties while his owners ski in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Greg has some comments (see Testimonial) about our products.