2002 SCA Pack Hike

Pack hike with 20 Samoyeds, most wearing a dog pack from Wolf Packs
Samoyed Club of America National Specialty often hosts a pack hike. It took place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 2002. Lots of fun working events were offered, alongside the conformation show. Our dogs Lightning and Nimbus hiked with nearly 20 other Samoyeds (most of them outfitted with Wolf Packs dog packs) on the Appalachian Trail. Our boys hiked in their royal blue Reflector dog packs, and are pictured on the right. Their brothers, Loki and Draco, are next to them wearing their purple Banzai dog packs.

Thor (Wolf Hybrid)

Thor wearing his Banzai dog pack
Steve Gilmore's eight months old wolf hybrid Thor helps carry supplies during their climb up Mount Whitney. The summit can be seen in the distance to the right of Thor. He wears his royal blue Banzai Wolf Packs dog pack.

Lightning & Nimbus (Samoyeds)

Lightning and Nimbus backpacking in Mountain Lakes Wilderness with their Reflector dog packs
We went on a great backpack trip into Mountain Lakes Wilderness in Oregon. The rugged trail system into this ancient caldera was spectacular. This region shares the geologic history of Crater Lake, but instead of forming a bowl, glaciers cut away several sides of this crater and left behind many small lakes.

Nimbus (right) and Lightning (left) carried 25% of their body weight in their Reflector dog packs. Nimbus' load included one of his favorite stuffed toys, and both of the boys carried water, their food, treats, dog boots, first aid items, and other necessities.

Shea (Samoyed)

Shea wearing her Saddle Bag dog pack
Shea is a 7 month old youngster owned by Lynée & Tim Miller. She is pictured relaxing on a park bench, happily poising for her picture. Her royal blue Saddle Bag compliments her beautiful white coat. Even though she has not finished growing, she will be able to wear this pack throughout her lifetime. Lynée and Tim wrote the following about Shea's pack:

We have really enjoyed being able to go on longer street hikes, pounded much concrete until we reach our beloved beach. Shea and I thank you for your great product and look forward to purchasing more stuff from you in the future. There is no pack at REI that compares to this wonderful light weight pack you have made for our 7 month old daughter!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!