Tapio (Finnish Spitz)

Tapio wearing his Banzai dog pack
Here are Glen Fess’ dogs backpacking in the Sacramento Mountains of central New Mexico. Tapio, the Finnish Spitz, wears one of our Banzai dog packs. Fifteen pound Rowdy, the Schipperke, wears a dog pack from another company. Glen contacted us to check whether we make a pack small enough for the little guy, which we don’t unfortunately. This is what Glen had to say about his packs:

Another view of Tapio wearing his Banzai dog pack
I currently have one of your Banzai packs for my Finnish Spitz (Tapio) and he luvs it!! I'll be getting another in the near future for a Karelian Bear Dog that I hope to get in February, 2010. I also have a Schipperke (Rowdy) that carries a 2 piece Kelty K-9 Sherpa pack since he is too small for any of the Wolf Packs. The Banzai seems to ride much better than the Kelty pack and is much easier to put on and take off.

Take care,

Parade of Lights (Samoyeds)

Denver Samoyed Association parade of Lights
Some of the members of the Denver Samoyed Association, along with a few of their friends, participated in Denver's very own "9News Parade of Lights". The parade is in it's 35th year with over 35 lighted entries. This club was invited to participate this year, but their trouble was lighting. They decided to sew battery operated Christmas lights on their Wolf Packs. The packs serviced the dogs very well. The Banzai packs were especially handy because the extra pockets provided a place to store the battery pack for the lights. This parade was televised and viewed in person by over 300,000 people! The dogs and their packs were a hit! Thank you Kurt Fehilhauer for providing this fabulous parade photo.

Close up view of Banzai Dog Pack with lights sewn on
This photo detail shows how Lori Elvera attached the lights to her Banzai dog pack. The batteries were stored inside the outer pocket, while the light strings were wound back and forth across the outer surface of the pack and hand-stitched in place.

Sal (X Breed)

Sal wearing his SaddleBag dog pack
Here is Terri Azevedo's six year old Border Collie mix Sal wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack. This is what Terri wrote about Sal's pack:

My husband and I take Sal and our three other dogs (two basset hounds and a shelti mix) to a huge park across the street from us every day. The back pack is great because it makes Sal slow down and walk nicely (with weights on each side of the pack). We live in Canada, about 1/2 hour from Toronto. We are very happy with this back pack.

I love looking at all the beautiful dogs on your website wearing their packs! The scenery is fantastic too!

Thank you again.

Terri Azevedo

Adelae (Catahoula Leopard Dog)

Adelae wearing her Banzai dog pack
Here is Auz Gage's dog Adelae, who is an experienced trial dog. This photo shows the usefulness of the lashpatches we attach to the top of our dog packs. Auz sent us this nice photo, along with the following message:

I can't tell you enough how much I love and use this pack. I'm a relatively avid backpacker and day hiker (as much as a full time student with a full time job can be). Adelae is my Catahoula Leopard Dog and when she sees the pack come out, she just goes crazy! She wears a size small Banzai pack in Orange (I LOVE the color). Also, can I just say how much I love the pockets as well as the lashing option on the top of the pack? Normally Adelae just carries water for day hikes (and my snake hook since I'm a herp hobbyist), but when we're out for the long haul, she carries her own supplies as well as various things lashed to the top of the pack. I must admit, it does add stability when I have a mat tied to the top of the pack. Wolf Packs makes such an excellent product, we have never had any problems with rubbing, soreness or discomfort. Being in Central Florida, we generally stay around here, which means there's a ton of sugar sand, mud and sharp things. We plan on using this pack until it falls apart, and after two years of hard use it doesn't show any signs of wear! I don't know what I would do without it. It's just a great product and I will be a patron for life!

Thanks again for such great products!
Auz & Adelae

Qannik (X Breed)

Qannik wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Qannik wearing his Banzai dog pack on a glacier pass which accesses the Aiguilles Dorées (golden peaks) in the Alps. His owner, Cédric Undritz, took him on a rockclimbing trip. Here are a few words from Cédric about Qannik and his pack:

I got my dog from a animal rescue center when he was 11months old. He's crossed Husky and Malamute. He came in the center with his two sisters -- the owners couldn't keep them.

Practicing myself mountaineering a lot, he was of course to become our third man! So whilst he's pulling me when ski-touring most part of the winter, he carries parts of our loads when going on mountaineering journeys in the Alps (we live near Chamonix in France), which includes ropes, carabiners and sometimes ice-screws. He often carries over 10 kilos without complaints but even really seems to enjoy his pack; a little bit reticent at the beginning, he knows now we're going to spend our days outdoor when his pack is being prepared, and he gets really enthusiastic at all! Also because he'll have his load on his back only during the approach and the return, and he'll have free time in between, as we are doing our climbing tour in the meantime.

My girlfriend has an 9 year old black Labrador, and he soon will have his own pack also, as he's very strong and also loaded with pure energy. Until then they're both sharing one.

Thanks a lot for this pack and keep making them! Greets from the alps,


2010 Calendar

2010 Samoyeds At Work & Play calendar
Our 2010 Samoyeds At Work & Play wall calendars are ready to go, and they are gorgeous! Order this exclusive limited-edtion item soon, before they are sold-out.

Jackson (X Breed)

Jackson wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Jackson, owned by Joshua Colgan. He is a large mixed breed who was rescued from a bad situation. Now he has a wonderful home and gets to backpack in the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania. This picture was taken on the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park, elevation 2500 feet. The falls trail is known for the 22 waterfalls that line its 7+ miles. It's a tough, rocky trail, and very slick from the water that sprays on to the trail. Joshua sent us these words about Jackson's dog pack:

I just wanted to let you know that my dog LOVES his Banzai Wolf Pack. He had never worn a dog pack before we got it a few weeks ago, but he is a mixed breed rescue who's parents were both career working dogs and I could tell that he really enjoyed having a job and wearing his Wolf Pack from the moment I put it on. I found out today how well made your packs are and wanted to share my experience with you.

We did a lot of off trail hiking today and since my dog is still getting used to the extra width he needs to fit through obstacles, he is still often brushing (banging) against some of the rocks and trees in our path. I believe that he brushed against something at just the right angle to loosen the top to one of the 40oz bottles enough to allow the bottle to leak at least 20 oz of water all over the compartment it was in (we keep the bottles in the outside compartments in the black part of the pack). I didnt find out about this until we got home from our 4 hour hike (plus the 40 minute drive) and the only reason I found out at all was because I opened the pack to take everything out. The pack never leaked, it retained all the water that spilled, and most importantly, my survival book and map in the inner pocket behind the water bottle were still bone dry! I was unexpectedly and very pleasantly surprised. Thanks so much for making such an awesome product.

Joshua Colgan

Sable (Labrador Retriever)

Sable wearing a Reflector dog pack
Birttany Lindsey has a wonderful service dog partner named Sable. This talented Labrador Retriever helps Brittany every day. Sable is outfitted with several of our products. This is a message from Lindsey about Sable's gear:

We have one of your ID Capes, and just ordered the Reflector dog pack from you. It has been beautiful. I wouldn't be able to do what I do at the university without her help carrying the bag which she does with a great sense of purpose. She returned 80 graded exams and 80 copies of an article to my students as well as carry my computer cable, electronic devices and our water and her extra snacks. She's still bumping into door frames a bit, so I'm having the Service Dog patches sewn on rather than glued. This is when I realized that I can't live without the bag.

I've discovered that since the bag is so light, she can go anywhere with it on without my worrying about her and it is great for shopping, too. She carried our blueberries and my meds the other day at the Sam's and even my leftovers out of a restaurant yesterday (she thought that was terribly unfair, but I did share with her eventually so she got over it!). Thanks so much for the beautiful, light weight design.

I ordered four other different bags to compare and it was by far the lightest, easiest to get on and off and best fitting of the bunch. So, thus, we need a second one so that I'll be able to wash one and also have patches sewn on. I wish I could order the patches along with the bag here, but we look forward to seeing our back up bag at least and we thank you for your careful construction and design.

Thanks so much,
Brittany and Sable

SCA National Hike (Samoyeds)

Samoyed Club of America group hike during the 2009 National Specialty
This is a group shot taken during the Samoyed Club of America 2009 National Specialty pack hike in Indiana. Most of the dogs in this picture are wearing one of our Banzai or Reflector dog packs. Kathy Smith, who participated with her dog Rebel, sent us this great photo and these words:

About 20 dogs and their humans hiked 5.08 miles in Eagle Creek Park, which is part of the Indianapolis Parks and Recreation system. With rugged terrain such as steep hills, stairs when the incline was too steep to hike, a marshy area near Lilly Lake and cool vistas such as a bird sanctuary, there was something interesting to see all along the way.

It was wonderful to hike with both new and old friends, and apparently this day we caught the eye of the local university’s cross country running team. They met in the same parking lot to run the trails we were on with our dogs. They asked many questions about our dogs and their packs, and of course offered to pet each of them on every occasion as we saw them on the trail. “How much can they carry?” “Do you do this often?”, they asked.

It was great having the dogs with packs on the trail, as they provided bottled water on our breaks. Rebel wears his pack at home nearly daily, as I walk him in our neighborhood with his Wolf Pack, but you would never know it by comparing it to the others who had newer models. Rebel’s pack has a lot more hair than it did when it was new, but it still looks and functions just as good as if it were brand new.

One fellow hiker in our group had purchased a backpack made by another company a few years ago, and halfway through the hike, it started to tear. She joked, “I doubt this thing would have lasted this long if I had the full 25% of my largest dog’s body weight in it!” By the end of the hike, a major seam had ripped apart four inches!

I discussed this with another hiker who is also a Wolf Packs customer. She and I both commented about the high quality standards of Wolf Packs and how pleased we are with our purchases. The materials chosen for construction are durable and hold up to canine wear and tear, the craftsmanship and love that goes into each one is absolutely amazing and that’s what sets Wolf Packs so far above any of the others on the market today.

Rebel’s backpack is four years old, and I believe he loves his pack more now than he did when I first purchased it for him. In preparing for today’s hike, Rebel was curious as to what I was doing, but once I grabbed his Wolf Pack, the dog knew the day was going to be a fun one, and he immediately started giving me the “Sammy Smile”! Thanks for all that you do and keep up the great work! We’ll keep “field testing” those packs for you!

Eve & Astrid (X Breed & Central Asian Shepherd Dog)

Eve wearing her Banzai dog pack
Anna has been outfitting her dogs with our dog packs for a long time. She just sent us these nice pictures of Eve (left) and Astrid (below). Eve is standing on the summit marker of Tennent Mountain. It is part of the Pisgah Ridge and leads to the Art Loeb and Ivestor Gap.

This is what Anna has to say about her dogs:

Here are some pics of my girls wearing their Banzai packs. Eve, now a 10 year old Chow mix, has the red one and Astrid, a 14 month old Central Asian Shepherd Dog, has the purple one. Eve's pack is nearly as old as she is!

Anna (X Breed)

Anna wearing her Reflector dog pack
This is Jean Lawlor's dog Anna, wearing her Reflector dog pack during a trip in the rugged Bighorn Mountains. Along with this nice picture, Jean sent us the following message:

Attached is a photo (taken yesterday) of my Black Lab mix, Anna, on the trail in the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. She has been backpacking with me for years, but this is only the second trip with her new Reflector pack. I bought it recently to replace her old pack that she managed to lose in a willow thicket elsewhere in WY over July 4th (I think she was giving me a giant hint).

This pack so far seems to be well worth it, as it is far superior to the last one! The fabric, zippers, buckles, and seams are all high quality, and the pack fastens securely and balances on Anna so much more easily than the old one (that used to sag and hang awfully to one side or the other no matter what I tried to balance the bags). She seems able to walk and run (after antelope, deer, elk, moose) without any interference from the bag; I think it must be more comfortable for her than her previous pack. I know that upgrading my own backpack to a better one changed my attitude toward backpacking from "once in awhile when I can take the pain," to "as often as I can get out there." When my little Border Collie's aging pack finally poops out (he's very hard on it, dragging it through brush, etc.), I expect I'll buy another Reflector to replace it.

Hugo (X Breed)

Hugo wearing his Reflector dog pack
This is Hugo, Eric Moon's hearty trail dog. Eric and Hugo recently hiked to the summit of Mount Washington, known for eratic weather and extreme high winds. This is how Eric described their adventure:

The orange Reflector bag arrived just in time via the USPS for our trek to Mt. Washington, NH, and several of the Presidential Peaks in the White Mountain National Forest.

Hugo is a Dutch Shepherd/Border Collie mix and shredded a competitor's pack after a few hours on the trial earlier this year. This time, the Refelctor bag held tough and wore well with four days worth of dog supplies totaling 12 pounds with various amounts of water.

Hugo seemed not to be bothered by the pack at all and it allowed us to complete 20 miles and nearly 15,000 feet of elevation change in less than 20 hours with two nights on the trail.

What a great time and what a great pack!

Eric Moon and Hugo

2010 Calendar Update

We are working on the 2010 edition of our Samoyeds at Work & Play wall calendar, and expect to have them ready to go this October or November.

Alex (X Breed)

Alex wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Adam Varga’s dog Alex. He had an incredible adventure hiking a trail that stretches from New Hampshire to Canada, while toting his share in his Banzai pack. Alex sent us some great photos, as well as this story:

I just wanted to let you know that my dog Alex successfully completed a thruhike of the 162 mile Cohos Trail (along with myself and my girlfriend). The hike took us 15 days to complete. It started at Crawford Notch in New Hampshire and ended at the Canadian border.

Alex's pack held up great. Aside from getting covered in dirt and mud, the pack is still in great shape. Our dog wore it proudly and comfortably.

Monty (Leonberger)

Monty wearing his Native dog pack.
This handsome Leonburger is Monty. He is owned by Pauline Ray and lives in New Zealand. Pauline sent us this message about Monty’s Native dog pack.

Thank you so much for the pack which arrived earlier this week. My dog, Monty, absolutely took to it straight away and feels really responsible, walking beside me without a lead! We are heading down south this weekend for a week or so. It is the mountain and lake district and we plan to do some gentle tramping.

Ty (X Breed)

Ty wearing a Native dog pack
Here is Mike Iverson’s dog Ty on a backpack trip with his Native dog pack and matching Limited Slip Collar. Along with Ty’s lovely photo, Mike sent this message to us:

Thanks for all your help. The whole "dog packing" experience was very positive and we're looking forward to years of use from our Wolf Pack. Our Lab/Weimaraner cross had no trouble adjusting to the pack at all - we just put it on and headed into the back country!

Thanks again for a quality product and your willingness to help fit our dog over the phone...

Kaelin (Samoyed)

Kaelin wearing her Banzai dog pack
This is one of Lori Elvera’s Samoyeds, Kaelin, who is backpacking at Geneva Mountain in Colorado. She is wearing one of the few hot pink Banzai packs we have ever made. This is what Lori had to say about the dog packs she owns:

For years I have been using Banzai dog packs, and have LOVED them! Hiking in the mountains of Colorado we have encountered rugged terrain and the packs have held up exceptionally well through rocks and brush. Laundering them is easy with a quick cold water rinse in the machine and then air dry. The panniers are roomy enough to hold the 2 liter Platypus water packs, plus other essentials for the dogs. I’ve added a metal ring to the black tabs on top of the pack and use a carabineer to hold their water bowl. My girls wear a size small and weigh about 40#. I highly recommend the product. HIKE ON!

Flekken 2 (X Breed)

Here are some incredible photos from Oeyvind Bliksvaer of his dog Flekken, hiking in Norway. This is the story to go along with the images...

We had a 4 day hike in one of the Norwegian mountain areas (Jotunheimen) the last week in June. There was still a lot of snow, and much water from the snowmelting. But the Banzai dog pack was perfect, and with good shoes and other equipment, it was perfect.

I am attaching a couple of pictures of Flekken with his pack. It is a perfect fit, and reaches exactly down to his elbows. I had to take the pack off him down the steepest areas where we were balancing down a ridge. Other than that, he was carrying his pack with 4-7 kg all four days, but it was hard on his paws, so if there were to be one more day of hiking, I would have had to put socks on him.

Flekken wearing his Banzai dog pack
This picture is from Besseggen, which is Norway’s most popular hike. It is a 6-8 hour hike, 13 km long and with a total of more than 1000 mtr elevation. We hiked the opposite way of what is most usual, so we had the climbing downwards. This ridge is the one Henrik Ibsen described in his famous act "Peer Gynt". 35,000 people take this walk each year.

This picture of Flekken shows how rough (and beautiful) this hike was.
The second picture is in a valley 25 km northwest of Besseggen. We were planing to do a one week hike, but there was not so fun with lots of snow and water, so it was shortened to 4 days.

Saddle Bag Sale!

We have converted our Saddle Bag to a reflective dog pack, but still have a few non-reflective models available at a discount. Please visit the Saddle Bag link to learn more.

Tacoma (Samoyed)

This handsome Samoyed is Tacoma. He is one of Lightning’s sons who lives in Washington. His owner, Kevin Silis, is training to climb Mount Rainier in June, 2009. Tacoma is a very lucky boy, as he gets to accompany Kevin on his training hikes.

Kevin took this picture of Tacoma on the Duckabush Trail in the Olympic Mountains (Hood Canal side). It was an eleven-mile trip. Tacoma was carrying eleven pounds in his Banzai dog pack, and Kevin’s pack held 52 pounds.

Abby (Miniature Schnauzer)

Abby wearing her ID Cape
This is Abby, a Miniature Schnauzer. She is a therapy dog who works with children with special needs. She is owned by Christina who wrote, “Abby is a source of joy to all who know her. She loves her job very much.”

When Abby is at work, she wears one of our purple ID Capes. Christina says, “It’s a lightweight cape, perfect for any working dog, and it is very comfortable for all day work.”

Introducing the Native Dog Pack

Wolf Packs Native dog pack modeled by Lightning
Our brand new packs are ready! This is Lightning, modeling our rugged limited-edition Native dog pack. We think we’ve designed something really special, and hope that you agree. Matching Native collars are also available.

These products will only be offered through the end of 2009, or slightly longer.

They're Almost Done!

We are nearing completion of our new limited-edition dog pack and collar, and should have some of each ready to find good homes next week. Hooray!

Special Dog Collars Available Soon

Along with our upcoming 'secret' dog pack, we will also be offering matching Limited-Slip dog collars! As with the pack, these collars will be available this June.

New Dog Packs Almost Here

Our exclusive new dog pack is in production now! We're still shooting for a June introduction. As is our way, this item is entirely made in the USA.

Thank you for your patience. We’ll let you know as soon as these beautiful packs are ready. Check back here soon, subscribe to this RSS Feed, or follow us on Twitter.

Norman (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)

Norman jumping over a log while wearing his Reflector dog pack
This is forest agility at its best! Norman is owned by Jason Jones. Here are several pictures of Norman jumping over logs while wearing his loaded Reflector dog pack. Below is the message that Jason sent to us with these pictures.

Norman jumping over a log while wearing his Reflector dog pack
Just wanted to pass along a few “action” pictures of Norman (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) wearing his pack. He uses it to carry all his food, water (plus some of ours) and the first aid kit, when ever we go camping or hiking. He goes into work mode when he has the pack on and it has never constrained him or slowed him down. The straps and pack are very well designed as they do not “rub” anywhere and rarely need readjusted. Pack is about a year old, has been on multiple hikes and still looks brand new. Thanks for such a quality product, obviously well though out.

Prototype Done!

We’re working diligently on our new limited-edition “surprise” dog pack, and have just finished the prototype. I’m intentionally not posting a picture yet, because I want to keep everybody in suspense. We are going into the production phase now, and should have them ready to go by early June. I’ll keep you up to date as things develop.

We’re excited!

Matty (X Breed)

Matty wearing her Banzai dog pack
This happy girl is Matty, owned by Tom Beach. Tom sent us this cute picture, and had this to say about Matty’s new pack:

As you can tell, Matty loves her new Banzai pack. It fits great and rides well, even up and down very steep mountain trails. Thank you for the outstanding design and workmanship built into this product. It is far superior in both design and workmanship to the previous pack I had purchased from a pet shop. Also, your recommendations and personal attention were a great help. Thanks again for such an excellent product!

Emmet (Labrador Retriever)

Emmet wearing his Banzai dog pack
This hard working boys is Emmet, and he has a great job. His owner, James Doody, has this to say about Emmet and his useful Banzai.

I bought this pack from you on 9/28/07 and had promised you some pictures of my, then, one-year old black Lab Emmet. The reason you wanted the picture is that you had never heard of the use that Emmet wears his pack: he works on a 100 acre tree farm/nursery and carries such things as burlap, rope, string, staples, staple guns, knives and of course treats in his pack. He loves to work and has about 4-5 other jobs. He will come to any one of us across the field and bring us what we need, this means we old guys (one is 76 years old) don’t have to get up off our knees to get more supplies. He gets two hotdogs for lunch. He was getting one, but wearing the Wolf Pack got him a raise. I’m the guy with the green hat in the picture.

Hope this is of interest to you and sorry it took me 1½ years to send you the picture.

James Doody

Basco (Italian Spinone)

Basco wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Basco, Deborah Busse’s two-year old Italian Spinone. He lives in Bermuda. Deborah’s camera battery died during this hike, but she sent us this nice picture to show us how nice Basco looks in a royal blue Banzai pack.

Shadow (Shiloh Shepherd)

Shadow wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Shadow, owned by Bill Maslen, enjoying a winter day in Canada. Bill sent us this nice picture, along with this message:

On behalf of Shadow (ISSR Shiloh Shepherd) and myself, we want to thank you for the prompt service, delivery and high quality large sized Banzai Wolf Pack we purchased for his 2nd birthday. Our search for a suitable dog pack to fit a dog of his size was well rewarded, and has improved the enjoyment of our long walks together, as he now carries both our water bottles, treats and other "vital" supplies. Have included a few pics of the big guy modeling your product on our most recent hike near our home in Saint-Lazare, QC Canada. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
Bill Maslen & Shadow

Dexter (Alaskan Malamute)

Dexter wearing his Banzai dog pack
Dexter is enjoying an outing on the shore of a beautiful river in South Carolina. As you can see, his Banzai dog pack is staying put, even during his flying trot. Dexter is a friend of Kioni, and was mentioned in the blog post for her. This lucky boy is owned by Kristen Smith, who sent us the following message:

I wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I was to receive my Wolf Pack so fast!! Dexter was able to use it this week and I have to tell you it didn't budge once. It fit like a dream and I kept the weight so evenly distributed.

I didn't have to adjust at all and this was the first outing! I have never spent better money than on your pack, and I will only regret it was my second pack and not my FIRST!

Thanks so much for being awesome!

Kristen Smith and Dexter

Kioni (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Kioni wearing her special hot pink Banzai dog pack
Here is Kioni, a Rhodesian Ridgeback owned by Desiree Beauchamp-Jones. Desiree is also the owner of Rapid Response Dog Training in South Carolina. She asked us to make a special Banzai dog pack for Kioni in Hot Pink. This is a snippet from her email to us about Kioni’s new pack:

It fits perfectly. No more stopping every five minutes to readjust the load, and no more sliding off her head when going downhill! No matter what she does to it (and believe me, a one-year-old performance-bred Ridgeback does things no pack should be made to suffer through!) it stays put and keeps the load balanced. It's also not chaffing or rubbing anywhere, even across her ridge where other packs I've tried created issues. The other day she flopped out on her back and had a good roll, pack on and buckled, then jumped up and went racing across the field, with ridiculous puppy acrobatics executed at sighthound speeds. Then she pounced on her Malamute buddy, starting a wrestling match. The pack never budged. My friend with the Malamute promptly decided to order a Wolf Pack for her dog, too. (and she used it for the first time today; it worked beautifully!)

It's also holding up amazingly well... it cleans easily with a wet washcloth, and is showing no signs of wear at all so far.

Robin (Australian Shepherd)

Robin the Australian Shepherd and her hiking group

Here is Jeanne Sheridan and her Australian Shepherd, Robin. She is wearing a green Reflector dog pack. They are enjoying the company of a hiking group called the Cruising Canines. This is what Jeanne wrote about this group:

The Cruising Canines was a class offered at The Canine Sports Center in Goshen, CT. Initially it was a class offered to apply good manners out and about. We'd pick a different place each week to meet. The picture was taken at Topsmeade State Forest in Litchfield, CT. We all had so much fun that we're going to meet once a month as a group just for fun.

Koby (X Breed)

Koby enjoying his Reflector dog pack

This is Koby, owned by Richard Griswold, trying out his Reflector dog pack. Richard sent us this note to let us know what his dog thinks of his dog pack:

I wanted to thank you for the new dog pack. Koby has taken to it like he's worn a pack his whole life. He seemed to really enjoy getting his dog treats out of the pack after our run this morning. I've attached a couple of pictures of him wearing it.

Akela & Flekken (X Breeds)

Akela and Flekken packing with their owner in Norway
Oeyvind Bliksvaer in Norway enjoys many activities with his dogs. Akela (on the left) wears her Trekker pack while Flekken (which means “spot”) wears a Banzai dog pack. Oeyvind sent us this message about his dog’s packs:

Your dogpack is absolutely the most versatlie packs I have ever used for my dogs. I have had 3 different models before the Wolfpacks. They are sitting very gently on the dogs, but still very firm (they dont move around or slide forward too much).

Cody (Siberian Husky)

Cody wearing his Reflector dog pack
This is Cody, a Siberian Husky owned by Amy Reifenrath. She says:

I just wanted to say that Cody (Siberian husky) is a very happy customer. He received a Reflector pack for Christmas, and has been proudly sporting it on the trails near his home in Timber Valley, Washington.


Nelson (Golden Retriever)

Nelson wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Nelson, Amy Proctor’s Golden Retriever. Amy sent us this picture and the following message about Nelson’s Banzai pack:

Wolf Packs, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful dog pack. My dog loves it. It is durable, wears well and it does not rub him. Nelson is a 85 pound golden retriever and he wears the medium pack. I have included a photo of him hiking in Algonquin Canada.
Thanks for making good quality dog packs!