New Trail Dog Mileage Patches

We have added two new patches to our Trail Dog patch series. Long distance hikers can now add 500 Miles and 1000 Miles (not shown) rocker patches to their gear!

Dog Bowls Dwindling

Our supplier has discontinued production of red dog bowls. We bought out their stock months ago. Now our supply has dwindled down to the final few. Order soon to avoid disappointment.

Calendars Are Here!

2011 Samoyeds At Work & Play calendar cover
Our outstanding 2011 Samoyeds At Work & Play wall calendars are ready to go to their new homes! All calendar orders placed during October will receive free shipping.

As always this is a limited-edition item, so quantities are limited.

Juno (Golden Retriever)

Juno hiking in the Wind River Range with her Native dog pack.
Here is Todd Nelson’s Golden Retriever Juno hiking in Wyoming's remote and rugged Wind River Mountains with her Native dog pack. Todd sent us the following message with Juno’s photo:

I know you all are heading up to the mountains soon, and will be closed for a week, but I wanted to share with you a few photos of my Golden retriever, Juno, looking very ‘smart’ in her new pack, while hiking this past week in the Wind River Range, specifically Cirque of the Towers.
Awesome pack, which fit her great and held everything we needed for a week. It’s a simple division of responsibilities. I carry my own stuff; she carries her own stuff….in her new pack!

Thanks again for a great product!

Ganymede (X Breed)

Mark and Ariadni Eyman’s mixed breed Ganymede enjoys wearing his dog pack. They sent us several beautiful trail photos, but this photo against the tall buildings is lovely too. This is what Mark has to say about his dog’s pack:

Ganymede loves to go on trails with his Banzai pack. It wears him out and he doesn't leave the house without it! We look forward to different hikes and trails and so far have tackled one day hike each week. Thank you for your dedication to providing practical and quality equipment!

Neon Pink Banzai Packs!

We are now offering our Banzai dog packs in neon pink, a color so bright it can probably be seen from the Moon. The black ballistic fabric characteristic to our Banzai is a prefect accent to the vibrant color. These packs are sure to make you and your dog smile while you are out on the trail together. We plan to continue production of this exclusive color through the end of 2010. (available to our retail customers only)

Chewbacca (X Breed)

Mike Grue sent us this beautiful photo of his mixed breed dog named Chewbacca, along with the following message:

I just wanted to let you know how well your Banzai pack performed for Chewbacca and I on our recent hikes around Mammoth Lakes area. Chewbacca is a 60lbs 1.5 year old shepherd mix who has never worn a pack before. I bought the small size and it fit him so well he didn't even flinch when I put it on. He was in charge of carrying his food and water while we were on the trail and I have to imagine that it gave him a sense of purpose to be carrying his own gear.

He gets excited now whenever he sees me loading up his pack, and I have to admit that not having to carry an extra 10lbs in my own pack makes my trip more enjoyable! I thought you might like to see my favorite photo of Chewey at Convict Lake just south of Mammoth Lakes.

Thanks again,
Mike Grue

Oh, and btw-I was very impressed that a few hours after I ordered the pack on a Sunday, I got an email showing that the item was being shipped the very next morning. Good work!

New Banzai Color Coming!

A roll of special fabric is about to arrive. Once it does we will begin work on our 2010 limited-edition dog pack. This time we will offer an extra color choice to our regular Banzai dog pack selection. Availability will be announced in the next few months, once our stock is built up. Stay tuned...

Leila (Siberian Husky)

Leila, a Siberian Husky rescue, has enjoyed the active Pacific Northwest outdoor lifestyle with her owner John Rettig in all four seasons: hiking, backpacking, alpine climbing, and backcountry snowshoeing. He writes:

Up to age six, her endurance usually outlasted even the toughest human in the group – she was always in the lead, always pushing ahead to see what was around the next corner. She has summited Mount Saint Helens, ascended 7,000 vertical feet in six hours, backpacked Northwest wilderness for several days, and traversed higher elevation winter backcountry routes on top of 170” snowpack.

She is seen here at age 10 in her well-used
Banzai pack on the PCT in the Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon.

Last of the Natives

Wolf Packs Native dog pack modeled by Lightning
We just finished the final batch of our limited-edition Native dog packs and only have a few of each size left. If you would like to get one of these unique packs, please don’t wait as we are winding down production on this product.

Eve, Kioni, Astrid (various breeds)

Anna sent us this different view of three Banzai dog packs in action. Hope her photo makes you smile as much as it did us. Anna included the following message:

I just wanted to share a photo my friend and I took recently of our girls wearing their Banzai Wolf Packs on our trip to Saluda, North Carolina. Wearing the red pack is Eve, a 10 1/2 year old Chow mix. Pretty in pink is Kioni, a 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Posing in purple is Astrid, a 17 month old Central Asian Shepherd. Hope you like!

Anna C. Abney

Jackson, revisited (X Breed)

Jackson wearing his Banzai dog pack
Here is Josh Colgan’s hiking buddy Jackson. They are hiking on the beautiful Falls Trail at Rickett's Glen State Park in North Eastern Pennsylvania. This trail is closed in winter, but advanced hikers and registered ice climbers who are properly equipped may still access the trail. Josh had this to day about Jackson’s Banzai pack.

The pack is still holding up extremely well and we have no issues to report. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces of hiking gear we use.

Jackson has a previous blog post with more information about Jackson, and this beautiful park.

Calendar Sale

Happy New Year!

To start the decade off right, we thought we should have a sale. Buy one of our 2010 wall
calendars, get one free. Buy two, get two free. You get the idea.

This offer is limited to quantity on hand (which is not very many), so order soon.