Dog Packs: Saddle Bag

Sal (X Breed)

Sal wearing his SaddleBag dog pack
Here is Terri Azevedo's six year old Border Collie mix Sal wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack. This is what Terri wrote about Sal's pack:

My husband and I take Sal and our three other dogs (two basset hounds and a shelti mix) to a huge park across the street from us every day. The back pack is great because it makes Sal slow down and walk nicely (with weights on each side of the pack). We live in Canada, about 1/2 hour from Toronto. We are very happy with this back pack.

I love looking at all the beautiful dogs on your website wearing their packs! The scenery is fantastic too!

Thank you again.

Terri Azevedo

Shea (Samoyed)

Shea wearing her Saddle Bag dog pack
Shea is a 7 month old youngster owned by Lynée & Tim Miller. She is pictured relaxing on a park bench, happily poising for her picture. Her royal blue Saddle Bag compliments her beautiful white coat. Even though she has not finished growing, she will be able to wear this pack throughout her lifetime. Lynée and Tim wrote the following about Shea's pack:

We have really enjoyed being able to go on longer street hikes, pounded much concrete until we reach our beloved beach. Shea and I thank you for your great product and look forward to purchasing more stuff from you in the future. There is no pack at REI that compares to this wonderful light weight pack you have made for our 7 month old daughter!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Sophie (Samoyed)

Sophie wearing her Saddle Bag dog pack with patches
Therapy dog and trail dog Sophie enjoys a beautiful view from her resting spot in the Peak District National Park in the United Kingdom. When she's not making therapy visits, she frequently hikes with her owners Don & Deb Ayers. Her Saddle Bag has our "Ask to Pet Me - I'm Friendly", and "Therapy Dog" patches attached to it. Her pack looks darker than it actually is, probably due to the contrast between her beautiful white coat and the royal blue color of the pack.

Cody (German Shepherd)

Cody wearing his Saddle Bag.
Cody, owned by Karen Faddis, looks like he really enjoys his new Saddle Bag pack. Karen told us she likes the small pack size for hikes and short outings. Cody, has also worn it to the nursing home they visit, to carry small presents for patients and treats. Karen says, "The size works well for my purposes, and the dog enjoys wearing it."

Bandit (English Shepherd)

Bandit wearing a Saddle Bag
Bandit is an Assistance Dog working with Paws for People in Blaine, Minnesota. This handsome 75 pound English Shepherd is a Hearing Dog, acting as the ears for owner Vance Bartlett. After the Paws for People staff (two and four legged alike) throrougly tested this item, they are now outfitting their dogs with our Saddle Bags.

Quincy (German Shepherd)

Quincy wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack
Quincy, owned by Becky Majesky, enjoys a cool dip in a creek during a hike. Becky and Quincy often hike in the backwoods of northern Michigan. This is what Becky said about Quincy's Saddle Bag: "I have had a red Saddle Bag pack for my German Shepherd, Quincy, for about a year now. She knows only good things come when her pack is on. It really is the best day pack out there."

Turner (Labrador Retriever)

Turner wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack
Turner, owned by David Halpern, is the official Ranger Dog for Shelby County Park in Tennessee. Here he wears his Saddle Bag with official Park Ranger patch. David says Turner's pack comes in very handy to carry frequently asked for items such as park maps, park rules, and trail maps. About 100 maps and rule sheets are carried in each pannier, which weigh about four pounds total. David says, "Turner didn't mind the extra weight at all. Visitors absolutly loved it when they asked for info and found that it was available on Turners back! I guess the only downside, as far as Turner is concerned, is that he can't go swimming while wearing the saddlebags!"