German Shepherd

Odin (German Shepherd)

ID Cape worn by OdinThis is Odin, modeling one of our ID Capes with patches. He is owned by Danni Baker in Australi who runs Dxenion Working Dogs, one of our dealerships. Odin is the model for our dog pack comparison page found on our FAQ. This beautiful beach is near Perth in Western Australia.

Raja & Zeus (German Shepherds)

Zeus wearing a Reflector dog pack
This is Zeus, and below you will see a picture of Raja. These two handsome German Shepherds are wearing their Reflector dog packs on one of their many adventures. Patrice Doyle (their owner) sent us the following message, along with these beautiful photos:

Thought I'd share two great pictures of my German Shepherd backpacking with me in Desolation Wilderness area in the Lake Tahoe region in California. Both are wearing the Reflector pack. When I'd take their packs off and hang them on a tree branch, the dogs would just go and sit underneath the branch!  They WANTED to wear their packs!  Thank you so very much! 
Patrice Doyle

Raja wearing a Reflector dog pack
Patrrice also sent us the following message:

We were packing every other weekend doing overnighters and going 5-8 miles. The dogs wore their packs religiously, and were "in charge" of carrying their food, the first aid kit, and the garbage. At night we just hung the dog packs up in the trees along with our human food/toothpaste, etc. Made it super easy.

The packs hold up great... never a rip, tear or any repairing at all... and believe me... we went through water, bushes, over down trees, had to jump over stuff. I've got the
Trail Dog patches sewn on them too! Your packs are the best fitting out there and for the shepherd, fitting over the shoulders rather than straight plunked in the middle of their backs make their time on the trail all the more pleasureful and comfortable.

Happy Packing!

Cody (German Shepherd)

Cody wearing his Saddle Bag.
Cody, owned by Karen Faddis, looks like he really enjoys his new Saddle Bag pack. Karen told us she likes the small pack size for hikes and short outings. Cody, has also worn it to the nursing home they visit, to carry small presents for patients and treats. Karen says, "The size works well for my purposes, and the dog enjoys wearing it."

Salty (German Shepherd)

Salty in his Banzai dog pack
Salty accompanies her owner, Brad Gwynn on his unicycle trips. This beautiful and athletic German Shepherd wears a black Banzai dog pack in size medium. This photo was taken along side an unpaved rail trail in Marblehead, MA. it connects Salem, Marblehead and Swampscott. Salty and Brad travel this trail several times a week. Brad says:

Salty and I travel all over southern New England on its many unpaved and mostly unused rail trails, although we usually use the Marblehead one (closest to home). We average about 50 miles a week.

His unicycle is made by Coker Tire. It has a 36" wheel (tire), the largest diameter pneumatic cycle tire in the world. Brad has emailed us some comments (see New Pack).

Casey (German Shepherd)

Casey wearing her Banzai dog pack
Tom Willcox enjoys hiking with his lovely German Shepherd Casey. She is wears a red Banzai pack and Limited Slip collar. Tom sent us this message about his pack:

I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how much I love your pack design -- my GSD Casey loves it! No chafing, rides well, and has a lot of space. Also, after more than a year of use it still looks new!

Here is Casey hiking in the winter conditions of New England. She looks like she really enjoys the outdoors!

Quincy (German Shepherd)

Quincy wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack
Quincy, owned by Becky Majesky, enjoys a cool dip in a creek during a hike. Becky and Quincy often hike in the backwoods of northern Michigan. This is what Becky said about Quincy's Saddle Bag: "I have had a red Saddle Bag pack for my German Shepherd, Quincy, for about a year now. She knows only good things come when her pack is on. It really is the best day pack out there."

Czar (German Shepherd)

Search and Rescue dog Czar wearing his Trekker dog pack
Czar is a German Shepherd who lives and works in Australia. He belongs to Creese Syred, and is a trainee Search and Rescue dog. Creese often takes him to local shops, where the butcher puts Czar's food in the Trekker dog pack. When this photo was taken, Czar's pack held yummy chicken wings.

Czar wearing his ID Cape dog vest
Czar is wearing his ID Cape which he uses for Search & Rescue training. Creese has written "IF LOST OR FOUND PLEASE OPEN" above the pocket. The pocket holds a card that reads: "If you find this dog, please don't be scared. Give him some fresh water and call (his phone number or vet's number). He is a member of the German Shepherd Dog League Australia, and N.S.W. Tracking & Rescue Dog Club."

Czar wearing his Trekker dog pack
Creese and Czar walking home from town. It looks like this T-shirt has found a good home.

Zeus & Apollo (German Shepherds)

Zeus and Apollo hiking in their Banzai dog packs
German Shepherds Zeus and Apollo, owned by Steve Williamson, hike along the shore of Ennerdale Lake in Great Britain. They help during this five day trip by packing gear in their Banzai dog packs. The teal (front) pack is a size medium while the purple pack is a large. Steve emailed us some comments (see comment titled Photos).

Apollo wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack
This is Apollo wearing his Saddle Bag at the beach for the first time. He was carrying some water bags, food and towels, etc. Steve said, "He knew when he was putting on the SaddleBag in the morning that he was going to the beach or somewhere else that he likes."

Apollo hiking in his Saddle Bag dog pack
Here is Apollo walking back home over the cliffs to Whitehaven. The trip was about 12 miles long.

King (German Shepherd)

King wearing his Banzai dog pack
King, owned by Richard Amezquita, surveys the California coastline near Pacifica. It is said that Gaspar Portola was the first non-native to view the Bay Area from this historic location. King's royal blue Banzai dog pack helps to carry useful items while he is exploring.

Noni admiring King's Banzai dog pack
King and Noni are hiking on the Sweeny Ridge Trail in San Bruno, CA. This trail takes you up to the Portola Discovery site and let's you gaze at both the Pacific Ocean & the Bay Area at the same time. On clear days the Golden Gate is almost recognizable off in the distance. Notice how Noni is admiring her brother's dog pack.