Labrador Retriever

Sable (Labrador Retriever)

Sable wearing a Reflector dog pack
Birttany Lindsey has a wonderful service dog partner named Sable. This talented Labrador Retriever helps Brittany every day. Sable is outfitted with several of our products. This is a message from Lindsey about Sable's gear:

We have one of your ID Capes, and just ordered the Reflector dog pack from you. It has been beautiful. I wouldn't be able to do what I do at the university without her help carrying the bag which she does with a great sense of purpose. She returned 80 graded exams and 80 copies of an article to my students as well as carry my computer cable, electronic devices and our water and her extra snacks. She's still bumping into door frames a bit, so I'm having the Service Dog patches sewn on rather than glued. This is when I realized that I can't live without the bag.

I've discovered that since the bag is so light, she can go anywhere with it on without my worrying about her and it is great for shopping, too. She carried our blueberries and my meds the other day at the Sam's and even my leftovers out of a restaurant yesterday (she thought that was terribly unfair, but I did share with her eventually so she got over it!). Thanks so much for the beautiful, light weight design.

I ordered four other different bags to compare and it was by far the lightest, easiest to get on and off and best fitting of the bunch. So, thus, we need a second one so that I'll be able to wash one and also have patches sewn on. I wish I could order the patches along with the bag here, but we look forward to seeing our back up bag at least and we thank you for your careful construction and design.

Thanks so much,
Brittany and Sable

Emmet (Labrador Retriever)

Emmet wearing his Banzai dog pack
This hard working boys is Emmet, and he has a great job. His owner, James Doody, has this to say about Emmet and his useful Banzai.

I bought this pack from you on 9/28/07 and had promised you some pictures of my, then, one-year old black Lab Emmet. The reason you wanted the picture is that you had never heard of the use that Emmet wears his pack: he works on a 100 acre tree farm/nursery and carries such things as burlap, rope, string, staples, staple guns, knives and of course treats in his pack. He loves to work and has about 4-5 other jobs. He will come to any one of us across the field and bring us what we need, this means we old guys (one is 76 years old) don’t have to get up off our knees to get more supplies. He gets two hotdogs for lunch. He was getting one, but wearing the Wolf Pack got him a raise. I’m the guy with the green hat in the picture.

Hope this is of interest to you and sorry it took me 1½ years to send you the picture.

James Doody

Shadow (Labrador Retriever)

Shadow is a Hearing Dog who wears our ID Cape and patches
Gordon & Leslie's 6½ year old black Lab Shadow has multiple tasks to perform. She was trained for hearing assistance work and as most Hearing Dogs, she alerts Gordon & Leslie to various sounds they would otherwise miss, such as fire alarms, the telephone ringing, buzzers or timers for cooking, people knocking at the door, or any other noises that aren't what she feels is normal in her world. She also does reach assistance work for them. Shadow will pick up things they drop and go get things that are a bit low and cause them pain to bend over and get. While she is at work, she wears her Hearing Dog vest and patches.

Gordon says, "She makes the quality of our lives so much better and that's so important to us. Shadow does many things for us other than being a wonderful loving companion. Shadow is just incredible!"

You might enjoy reading Gordon's comments (see ID Cape & Patches) about how our products have helped Shadow to accompany her owners in public places.

Dexter (Labrador Retriever)

Dexter in his Banzai dog pack
Laura Yee's Dexter is shown on his first outing with his new forest green Banzai dog pack. Laura has some good advice for trail dogs who enjoy swimming while packing:

We've only used it for one backpacking trip so far, but it worked really well for him. He was a little startled when he jumped into the lake for a swim before we were able to take it off for him, but he quickly ran back to the shore before getting too waterlogged! Waterproofing the contents is an absolute necessity for swimmers like labs!!

Keg (Labrador Retriever)

Keg hiking in New Zealand in his Trekker dog pack
Glen Millar's handsome two year old Labrador Retriever Keg goes everywhere with him. They live in New Zealand, where the 'tramping' is dynamic. This photo shows them at 1,510 meters above sea level in the Tararuas mountain range. Keg wears a size medium camouflage Trekker dog pack. Glen tells us that Keg's pack is filled with these items: a cooker & spare fuel; a fly sheet for both of them to sleep under; a small pan for frying on; Keg's food (dog biscuits and dog roll); 1 liter of water; Keg's leash.

Keg hiking in New Zealand in his Trekker dog pack
Keg is crossing one of New Zealand's famous swing bridges. Glen says, "This photo was taken down lower at river level in the bush and you can see one of our famous swing bridges and believe me they really swing. I taught Keg from young to cross these and although it is a long way down he has no troubles walking over them. I have to take his pack off though at this point as the bridge is to narrow."

Keg hiking in New Zealand in his Trekker dog pack
Here Keg is enjoying his first winter adventure. He especially liked to roll around in the white stuff, although biting at it proved fun too.

You might be interested in reading some of Glen's other comments (see Photos) about Keg's dog pack.

Sally (Labrador Retriever)

Sally backpacking in her Trekker dog pack
This is an email we received from Sally's owner:

Well, with about 750 miles of backpacking behind us now, I guess I can make an objective assessment of Sally's Trekker Wolf Pack. In a word, I'm very pleased. This puppy (the Wolf Pack, not Sally) is tough as nails, and has held up under all conditions. I like these zippers (I added string pulls though - just one on each side, which makes getting into the bags and closing them much easier on the trail). I like the fact too, that the Wolf Pack can be cinched up higher on the dog's shoulders, where a canine is more comfortable carrying a pack than when the saddle bags are flopping down around their bellies, or under their bellies, as is the case with many of the cheaply made dog packs I see on the trails. Don't buy cheap dog packs!! Wolf Packs are a well made American product and deserves a hearty endorsement.

Tom Sweetnam (and Sally the Wonderdog)
Eureka, CA

Turner (Labrador Retriever)

Turner wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack
Turner, owned by David Halpern, is the official Ranger Dog for Shelby County Park in Tennessee. Here he wears his Saddle Bag with official Park Ranger patch. David says Turner's pack comes in very handy to carry frequently asked for items such as park maps, park rules, and trail maps. About 100 maps and rule sheets are carried in each pannier, which weigh about four pounds total. David says, "Turner didn't mind the extra weight at all. Visitors absolutly loved it when they asked for info and found that it was available on Turners back! I guess the only downside, as far as Turner is concerned, is that he can't go swimming while wearing the saddlebags!"

Blazer (Labrador Retriever)

Blazer hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail in his Trekker dog pack
Blazer, owned by Barbara & Jeff Thompson, prepares to hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail with his friends. To help the humans, he totes his share of the load in a Trekker dog pack. Their hike went from just beyond the southern corner of Crater Lake National Park to a small lake about 50 miles to the South. Barbara & Jeff described some beautiful autumn foliage and very little foot traffic.

You might enjoy reading Jeff's message (see Blazer's Trekker).