South Russian Ovcharka

Dolly (South Russian Ovcharka)

Dolly wearing her Reflector dog pack
Dolly is a South Russian Ovcharka. (Sheepdog) who enjoys having a job. Here is her story as told by her owner...

The first time I tried to put the pack on Dolly, she got up and ran to the other room. The second day I petted her while Mary got the pack on her. The third day she barked the cat away when he sniffed at the pack. "Bark, that's my pack kitty". I was able to put it on her as if it was just routine.

Dolly scootering with her Reflector dog pack
We got the Reflector pack for her daily walks in the Texas summer heat. She needs good exercise despite the heat, because she is a large working breed without a farm to work. Also the exercise I get helped lower my blood pressure, and has me off the blood pressure medicine now. She carries water and ice in 0.5 liter Platypus and wide-mouth Nalgene water bags.

The pack moves with her nicely. She trots along beside me as I ride a razor scooter (people powered one, not the electric one). Started in September 2007 and got Wolf Pack in June. By November of this year 2008 we will have scootered a thousand miles on our daily walks.

Part of the walk we leave the sidewalk, and I carry the scooter and take her where she can have earth under her paws. The picture [below] is at her favorite place, wind in her face at the top of the only hill in the area in a field out west of the neighborhood.