Jedediah Cash (Rottweiler)

Jedediah Cash
Jedediah Cash, Roxy Prescott’s two year old 178 pound Rottweiler, has the important job of carrying the mail home. Here is what she has to say about his new pack:

It was simply amazing...the package arrived in the mail, I brought it inside. All I said to Jedediah (167 lb Rottweiler, 2 yr old), was "look what Mommy got for you!" and he ran over, flipped my hand away from the backpack as I tried to pull it out of the box and then stuck his nose and head into it! It appeared he was trying to put it on himself! He wiggled and wagged his stub so hard, I barely could get it strapped on - he was so anxious to go out and get the mail - his new job. This is now his 6 day a week task, each night when I come home from work. Our driveway is 500' long and we live in the Maine woods - he happily jogs the whole way!Many thanks from Mommy (Roxy Prescott) and Jedediah Cash Prescott!

Roxy sent us this update a few weeks later…

Finally it is light enough outside when I get home to take some pics of my boy "doing his job". His job is to get the mail, but we have also packed lunches, drinks and dog snacks in his pack to go have lunch with Dad when he is out working in our woods.

Luca (Samoyed)

8 month old Luca backpacking in his medium blue Banzai dog pack
Here is Luca wearing in his royal blue Banzai. His owner bought it through Denver Samoyed Rescue, one of our dealers. Profits from the sale of our products pay for medical and housing expenses for homeless Samoyeds. This is what Luca’s owner wrote to us about his new backpack:

Luca, an 8 month old Samoyed, is LOVING his royal blue banzai pack! We ordered the medium and it is a great fit. I did a lot of research online to find the perfect pack, and was thrilled to find out that Samoyed owners had created this one! One of my favorite things on the pack is the reflector detail so he can be easily seen at night. I also love the two strap idea so that he doesn't get hot spots behind his elbows.

Luca loves to go hiking with me, and I thought getting him a backpack would be great because he likes having a job to do. Here are some pictures that I took on our hike at Jordan Lake in Raleigh, NC. It was his first time wearing a pack and wearing it seemed like second nature to him. One minor adjustment in the beginning of our hike is all it took to get the perfect fit and it held up so well on the trail, no snagging on tree branches or issues with the pack slipping forward on downhills! And best of all no hot spots on Luca! We still have more experimenting to do with the pack, but I have a feeling that this pack is going to last for years and years! Thank you for this wonderful pack as well as allowing the Denver Samoyed Rescue to sell it. There’s nothing better than getting a great product and helping Sammies in need at the same time!

Jaeger and Tate (Goldendoodles)

Jaeger and Tate hauled their supplies in matching Reflector packs to the windy rim of Mount Saint Helens. Their owner wrote the following about their adventures:

I just want to let you know how great your packs have been for us and our dogs, Jaeger and Tate, both Goldendoodles.  The packs have carried supplies across so many miles; from across the Goat Rocks Wilderness in summer to the top of Mt. St Helens in winter.  Even now after about three years, if I give the packs a thorough washing they look just like they did when we received them.  I also really appreciate that our packs were (and still are) made in the USA.  That is actually what led me to try out your packs in the first place. Thank you for a great product!

Qannik (X Breed)

Qannik wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Qannik wearing his Banzai dog pack on a glacier pass which accesses the Aiguilles Dorées (golden peaks) in the Alps. His owner, Cédric Undritz, took him on a rockclimbing trip. Here are a few words from Cédric about Qannik and his pack:

I got my dog from a animal rescue center when he was 11months old. He's crossed Husky and Malamute. He came in the center with his two sisters -- the owners couldn't keep them.

Practicing myself mountaineering a lot, he was of course to become our third man! So whilst he's pulling me when ski-touring most part of the winter, he carries parts of our loads when going on mountaineering journeys in the Alps (we live near Chamonix in France), which includes ropes, carabiners and sometimes ice-screws. He often carries over 10 kilos without complaints but even really seems to enjoy his pack; a little bit reticent at the beginning, he knows now we're going to spend our days outdoor when his pack is being prepared, and he gets really enthusiastic at all! Also because he'll have his load on his back only during the approach and the return, and he'll have free time in between, as we are doing our climbing tour in the meantime.

My girlfriend has an 9 year old black Labrador, and he soon will have his own pack also, as he's very strong and also loaded with pure energy. Until then they're both sharing one.

Thanks a lot for this pack and keep making them! Greets from the alps,


Sable (Labrador Retriever)

Sable wearing a Reflector dog pack
Birttany Lindsey has a wonderful service dog partner named Sable. This talented Labrador Retriever helps Brittany every day. Sable is outfitted with several of our products. This is a message from Lindsey about Sable's gear:

We have one of your ID Capes, and just ordered the Reflector dog pack from you. It has been beautiful. I wouldn't be able to do what I do at the university without her help carrying the bag which she does with a great sense of purpose. She returned 80 graded exams and 80 copies of an article to my students as well as carry my computer cable, electronic devices and our water and her extra snacks. She's still bumping into door frames a bit, so I'm having the Service Dog patches sewn on rather than glued. This is when I realized that I can't live without the bag.

I've discovered that since the bag is so light, she can go anywhere with it on without my worrying about her and it is great for shopping, too. She carried our blueberries and my meds the other day at the Sam's and even my leftovers out of a restaurant yesterday (she thought that was terribly unfair, but I did share with her eventually so she got over it!). Thanks so much for the beautiful, light weight design.

I ordered four other different bags to compare and it was by far the lightest, easiest to get on and off and best fitting of the bunch. So, thus, we need a second one so that I'll be able to wash one and also have patches sewn on. I wish I could order the patches along with the bag here, but we look forward to seeing our back up bag at least and we thank you for your careful construction and design.

Thanks so much,
Brittany and Sable

Raja & Zeus (German Shepherds)

Zeus wearing a Reflector dog pack
This is Zeus, and below you will see a picture of Raja. These two handsome German Shepherds are wearing their Reflector dog packs on one of their many adventures. Patrice Doyle (their owner) sent us the following message, along with these beautiful photos:

Thought I'd share two great pictures of my German Shepherd backpacking with me in Desolation Wilderness area in the Lake Tahoe region in California. Both are wearing the Reflector pack. When I'd take their packs off and hang them on a tree branch, the dogs would just go and sit underneath the branch!  They WANTED to wear their packs!  Thank you so very much! 
Patrice Doyle

Raja wearing a Reflector dog pack
Patrrice also sent us the following message:

We were packing every other weekend doing overnighters and going 5-8 miles. The dogs wore their packs religiously, and were "in charge" of carrying their food, the first aid kit, and the garbage. At night we just hung the dog packs up in the trees along with our human food/toothpaste, etc. Made it super easy.

The packs hold up great... never a rip, tear or any repairing at all... and believe me... we went through water, bushes, over down trees, had to jump over stuff. I've got the
Trail Dog patches sewn on them too! Your packs are the best fitting out there and for the shepherd, fitting over the shoulders rather than straight plunked in the middle of their backs make their time on the trail all the more pleasureful and comfortable.

Happy Packing!

Basco (Italian Spinone)

Basco wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Basco, Deborah Busse’s two-year old Italian Spinone. He lives in Bermuda. Deborah’s camera battery died during this hike, but she sent us this nice picture to show us how nice Basco looks in a royal blue Banzai pack.

Dexter (Alaskan Malamute)

Dexter wearing his Banzai dog pack
Dexter is enjoying an outing on the shore of a beautiful river in South Carolina. As you can see, his Banzai dog pack is staying put, even during his flying trot. Dexter is a friend of Kioni, and was mentioned in the blog post for her. This lucky boy is owned by Kristen Smith, who sent us the following message:

I wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I was to receive my Wolf Pack so fast!! Dexter was able to use it this week and I have to tell you it didn't budge once. It fit like a dream and I kept the weight so evenly distributed.

I didn't have to adjust at all and this was the first outing! I have never spent better money than on your pack, and I will only regret it was my second pack and not my FIRST!

Thanks so much for being awesome!

Kristen Smith and Dexter

Koby (X Breed)

Koby enjoying his Reflector dog pack

This is Koby, owned by Richard Griswold, trying out his Reflector dog pack. Richard sent us this note to let us know what his dog thinks of his dog pack:

I wanted to thank you for the new dog pack. Koby has taken to it like he's worn a pack his whole life. He seemed to really enjoy getting his dog treats out of the pack after our run this morning. I've attached a couple of pictures of him wearing it.

Cody (Siberian Husky)

Cody wearing his Reflector dog pack
This is Cody, a Siberian Husky owned by Amy Reifenrath. She says:

I just wanted to say that Cody (Siberian husky) is a very happy customer. He received a Reflector pack for Christmas, and has been proudly sporting it on the trails near his home in Timber Valley, Washington.


Cole (Dalmation)

This is Cole, an active Dalmatian owned by Prue Stuhr. His Reflector dog pack is used as a way to shed excessive energy. Here is an email we received from his owner:

Thanks, Linda for the wonderful back pack. When I spoke with you I told you that I was buying it as Cesar Millan recommended them for walking with your dog. I have used it several times just walking in the neighborhood People are quite amused. I appreciate your personal touch of talking on the phone…That is remembered.

Cole will be going into the conformation ring with a handler as I still am not strong enough. He is a happy, outgoing boy, but a dominant one. So the daily training until the show in mid September will be essential.

Best wishes with showing your Sammies. Just imagine, a Best at the National Specailty... Wow, that is a lifetime achievement. You belong to a very select and small group!

Thanks again for the beautifully made and fitting back pack. Cole was Mr. Blue in his litter, so he is continuing his “blue ways”.


Nelson (Golden Retriever)

Nelson wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Nelson, Amy Proctor’s Golden Retriever. Amy sent us this picture and the following message about Nelson’s Banzai pack:

Wolf Packs, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful dog pack. My dog loves it. It is durable, wears well and it does not rub him. Nelson is a 85 pound golden retriever and he wears the medium pack. I have included a photo of him hiking in Algonquin Canada.
Thanks for making good quality dog packs!

2002 SCA Pack Hike

Pack hike with 20 Samoyeds, most wearing a dog pack from Wolf Packs
Samoyed Club of America National Specialty often hosts a pack hike. It took place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 2002. Lots of fun working events were offered, alongside the conformation show. Our dogs Lightning and Nimbus hiked with nearly 20 other Samoyeds (most of them outfitted with Wolf Packs dog packs) on the Appalachian Trail. Our boys hiked in their royal blue Reflector dog packs, and are pictured on the right. Their brothers, Loki and Draco, are next to them wearing their purple Banzai dog packs.

Lightning & Nimbus (Samoyeds)

Lightning and Nimbus backpacking in Mountain Lakes Wilderness with their Reflector dog packs
We went on a great backpack trip into Mountain Lakes Wilderness in Oregon. The rugged trail system into this ancient caldera was spectacular. This region shares the geologic history of Crater Lake, but instead of forming a bowl, glaciers cut away several sides of this crater and left behind many small lakes.

Nimbus (right) and Lightning (left) carried 25% of their body weight in their Reflector dog packs. Nimbus' load included one of his favorite stuffed toys, and both of the boys carried water, their food, treats, dog boots, first aid items, and other necessities.

Odin (German Shepherd)

ID Cape worn by OdinThis is Odin, modeling one of our ID Capes with patches. He is owned by Danni Baker in Australi who runs Dxenion Working Dogs, one of our dealerships. Odin is the model for our dog pack comparison page found on our FAQ. This beautiful beach is near Perth in Western Australia.

Ice (Samoyed)

Ice wearing his Trekker dog pack
Sheldon Pineo's Samoyed Ice models his royal blue Trekker dog pack. His owner says, "Ice goes nuts!! when I pull the bags out. He gets so excited that it's difficult at times to put the bags on! I love my pack. It gets used quite a bit of use."

Nanuk & Sunka (Alaskan Malamutes)

Nanuk in a Trekker dog pack
Both of these handsome Alaskan Malamute brothers are owned by Elaine Burroughs and Laura Wade of the United Kingdom. Both dogs are involved in sled dog racing, and it sounds like they are a natural team. Here is Nanuk, a black & white Malamute, wearing his royal blue Trekker dog pack during his first pack trip in Wales.

Sunka wearing a Trekker dog pack
Perching himself on a rock, wolf grey & white Sunka enjoys the rugged Welsh coastline. Like his brother, we wears a royal blue Trekker pack.

You might enjoy Elaine and Laura's comments (see Photos Of Our Dogs) about their dog's packs.

Group of Friends I (Samoyeds)

Hiking group with Samoyeds wearing Banzai and Trekker dog packs
A group of friends with Northern-breed dogs gets together for sledding in the winter and now for packing in the summer. The image above shows Phil and Lisa Gravelle & Moira, Conrad, and Hartley Towriss-Smith all hiking with their Samoyeds in the lush Hidden Valley near Craven, Saskatchewan, Canada. They hope to encourage more of their friends to take up packing and join them on the trail.

Towriss-Smith family with their Samoyeds Buffy, Kazan, and Rick
Eight year old Conrad Smith sits with Buffy who wears a medium teal Banzai pack. Next to him is Moira Towriss-Smith with Kazan in his royal blue Trekker. Hartley Smith is next to Rick (red dog pack) who appears to be howling with delight. Moira told us that Buffy could have used a Small pack for her size, but navigates very well with the medium. The Towriss-Smiths kennel name is Anoka Samoyeds, which is located near Regina, Saskatchewan.

Sophie (Samoyed)

Sophie wearing her Saddle Bag dog pack with patches
Therapy dog and trail dog Sophie enjoys a beautiful view from her resting spot in the Peak District National Park in the United Kingdom. When she's not making therapy visits, she frequently hikes with her owners Don & Deb Ayers. Her Saddle Bag has our "Ask to Pet Me - I'm Friendly", and "Therapy Dog" patches attached to it. Her pack looks darker than it actually is, probably due to the contrast between her beautiful white coat and the royal blue color of the pack.

Shea (Samoyed)

Shea wearing her Saddle Bag dog pack
Shea is a 7 month old youngster owned by Lynée & Tim Miller. She is pictured relaxing on a park bench, happily poising for her picture. Her royal blue Saddle Bag compliments her beautiful white coat. Even though she has not finished growing, she will be able to wear this pack throughout her lifetime. Lynée and Tim wrote the following about Shea's pack:

We have really enjoyed being able to go on longer street hikes, pounded much concrete until we reach our beloved beach. Shea and I thank you for your great product and look forward to purchasing more stuff from you in the future. There is no pack at REI that compares to this wonderful light weight pack you have made for our 7 month old daughter!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Bandit (English Shepherd)

Bandit wearing a Saddle Bag
Bandit is an Assistance Dog working with Paws for People in Blaine, Minnesota. This handsome 75 pound English Shepherd is a Hearing Dog, acting as the ears for owner Vance Bartlett. After the Paws for People staff (two and four legged alike) throrougly tested this item, they are now outfitting their dogs with our Saddle Bags.

Lightning & Nimbus (Samoyeds)

Our Samoyeds, Lightning & Nimbus, wearing their Reflector dog packs
Lightning (right) and Nimbus (left) love to hike with us. We hiked to the summit of Mount Ashland in July, and were pleasantly surprised to find banks of sun hardened snow on the northern face. Our boys carried water bottles, water bowls, a few spare booties, first aid supplies, a spare leash, and dog biscuits in their Reflector dog packs. We customized their packs by having our Wolf Packs logo embroidered on to the sides. These boys are an important part of our small kennel, Pacific Crest Samoyeds.

Thor (Wolf Hybrid)

Thor wearing his Banzai dog pack
Steve Gilmore's eight months old wolf hybrid Thor helps carry supplies during their climb up Mount Whitney. The summit can be seen in the distance to the right of Thor. He wears his royal blue Banzai Wolf Packs dog pack.

King (German Shepherd)

King wearing his Banzai dog pack
King, owned by Richard Amezquita, surveys the California coastline near Pacifica. It is said that Gaspar Portola was the first non-native to view the Bay Area from this historic location. King's royal blue Banzai dog pack helps to carry useful items while he is exploring.

Noni admiring King's Banzai dog pack
King and Noni are hiking on the Sweeny Ridge Trail in San Bruno, CA. This trail takes you up to the Portola Discovery site and let's you gaze at both the Pacific Ocean & the Bay Area at the same time. On clear days the Golden Gate is almost recognizable off in the distance. Notice how Noni is admiring her brother's dog pack.

Nanook (Alaskan Malamute)

Nanook wearing a Banzai dog pack
Nanook, an Alaskan Malamute belonging to Darryl & Pam Paskett, enjoys hiking in the Australian bush. He uses a royal blue Banzai pack in size medium during his forays. When they're not hiking with Nanook, Darryl & Pam run a business called Dog Packs Australia. This is what Darryl says about their life and future hiking plans:

I live in sunny Perth in Western Australia with my wife Pam, our six month old son Matthew, and our three and a half year old wolf grey Alaskan Malamute. This is a picture of Nanook wearing his Banzai™ dog pack in our back yard. The first time I put the dog pack on Nanook and took him for a walk, he wasn’t sure what was on his back but quickly got used to the extra width and weight. Nanook can easily carry all of our gear (4 Litres of water, dog and people food, collapsible water bowl, first aid kit, keys, mobile phone, etc.), so when we go hiking in the national parks around Perth the only thing we need to carry is Matthew. The next day trip we have planned is to walk a section of the Bibbulmun Track, which winds it’s way from Kalamunda down through the south west of the state to Albany (963km), which passes through some of the most magnificent forests the state has to offer.

Dolly (South Russian Ovcharka)

Dolly wearing her Reflector dog pack
Dolly is a South Russian Ovcharka. (Sheepdog) who enjoys having a job. Here is her story as told by her owner...

The first time I tried to put the pack on Dolly, she got up and ran to the other room. The second day I petted her while Mary got the pack on her. The third day she barked the cat away when he sniffed at the pack. "Bark, that's my pack kitty". I was able to put it on her as if it was just routine.

Dolly scootering with her Reflector dog pack
We got the Reflector pack for her daily walks in the Texas summer heat. She needs good exercise despite the heat, because she is a large working breed without a farm to work. Also the exercise I get helped lower my blood pressure, and has me off the blood pressure medicine now. She carries water and ice in 0.5 liter Platypus and wide-mouth Nalgene water bags.

The pack moves with her nicely. She trots along beside me as I ride a razor scooter (people powered one, not the electric one). Started in September 2007 and got Wolf Pack in June. By November of this year 2008 we will have scootered a thousand miles on our daily walks.

Part of the walk we leave the sidewalk, and I carry the scooter and take her where she can have earth under her paws. The picture [below] is at her favorite place, wind in her face at the top of the only hill in the area in a field out west of the neighborhood.

Lightning (Samoyed)

Lightning & Linda on summit of Hobart Bluff, along the Pacific Crest Trail in southern Oregon
Our mascot Lightning began to do serious backpacking when he was about 15 months old. We are shown here resting atop Hobart Bluff in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument. Tranquil Hobart Lake is 680 feet below us. The town of Ashland, city of Medford, and the Rogue Valley spread out beyond into the distance.

Lightning & Linda resting along the Pacific Crest Trail
Lightning and Linda are pictured resting on a fallen tree along the Pacific Crest Trail in southern Oregon. His loaded Reflector dog pack weighs over 12 pounds, which is ¼ of his bodyweight. We hiked five miles on this outing, following a nearly seven mile hike on the previous day (which was National Trails Day, June 2nd, 2001).

Kiba #2 (Wolf Hybrid)

Kiba in deep snow with her Banzai dog pack
This is our Kiba modeling her royal blue Banzai dog pack. Like all northern breed canines, she really enjoys the snow. Here she was romping through elbow deep powder, often stopping to poke her long nose deep into the snow in search of hidden treasures.

Kiba leaping down a hilliside in her Banzai dog pack
This photo was shot was during one of our many outings in deep snow. Kiba was a blur of action, which made it rather hard to photograph her. As you can see, her Banzai dog pack stayed put even while she bounced through the deep snow.