Tikkah (Alaskan Malamute)

Joshua Hantman and his Alaskan Malamute Tikkah are hiking on one of the trails near Philadelphia in this photo. Joshua ordered this pack from us for his first Alaskan Malamute in 2001. He recently sent us the following message:

I bought a Banzai pack thirteen years ago for my first Alaskan Malamute, Tikk. Together we logged roughly a thousand trail miles with your Banzai dog pack, until he passed away four years ago. Unable to cope without a dog wearing your pack, I bought another Alaskan Malamute, a female named Tikkah, who has taken Tikk's name AND dog pack another thousand miles already.

I have used the same pack for two dogs, over grueling trail conditions in all sorts of weather and have been utterly delighted with the quality of the pack. You have my undying devotion and support.

I tell many others I meet on trails about your company's fine product.

Norman (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)

Norman jumping over a log while wearing his Reflector dog pack
This is forest agility at its best! Norman is owned by Jason Jones. Here are several pictures of Norman jumping over logs while wearing his loaded Reflector dog pack. Below is the message that Jason sent to us with these pictures.

Norman jumping over a log while wearing his Reflector dog pack
Just wanted to pass along a few “action” pictures of Norman (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) wearing his pack. He uses it to carry all his food, water (plus some of ours) and the first aid kit, when ever we go camping or hiking. He goes into work mode when he has the pack on and it has never constrained him or slowed him down. The straps and pack are very well designed as they do not “rub” anywhere and rarely need readjusted. Pack is about a year old, has been on multiple hikes and still looks brand new. Thanks for such a quality product, obviously well though out.

Matty (X Breed)

Matty wearing her Banzai dog pack
This happy girl is Matty, owned by Tom Beach. Tom sent us this cute picture, and had this to say about Matty’s new pack:

As you can tell, Matty loves her new Banzai pack. It fits great and rides well, even up and down very steep mountain trails. Thank you for the outstanding design and workmanship built into this product. It is far superior in both design and workmanship to the previous pack I had purchased from a pet shop. Also, your recommendations and personal attention were a great help. Thanks again for such an excellent product!

Robin (Australian Shepherd)

Robin the Australian Shepherd and her hiking group

Here is Jeanne Sheridan and her Australian Shepherd, Robin. She is wearing a green Reflector dog pack. They are enjoying the company of a hiking group called the Cruising Canines. This is what Jeanne wrote about this group:

The Cruising Canines was a class offered at The Canine Sports Center in Goshen, CT. Initially it was a class offered to apply good manners out and about. We'd pick a different place each week to meet. The picture was taken at Topsmeade State Forest in Litchfield, CT. We all had so much fun that we're going to meet once a month as a group just for fun.

Akela & Flekken (X Breeds)

Akela and Flekken packing with their owner in Norway
Oeyvind Bliksvaer in Norway enjoys many activities with his dogs. Akela (on the left) wears her Trekker pack while Flekken (which means “spot”) wears a Banzai dog pack. Oeyvind sent us this message about his dog’s packs:

Your dogpack is absolutely the most versatlie packs I have ever used for my dogs. I have had 3 different models before the Wolfpacks. They are sitting very gently on the dogs, but still very firm (they dont move around or slide forward too much).

2002 SCA Pack Hike

Pack hike with 20 Samoyeds, most wearing a dog pack from Wolf Packs
Samoyed Club of America National Specialty often hosts a pack hike. It took place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 2002. Lots of fun working events were offered, alongside the conformation show. Our dogs Lightning and Nimbus hiked with nearly 20 other Samoyeds (most of them outfitted with Wolf Packs dog packs) on the Appalachian Trail. Our boys hiked in their royal blue Reflector dog packs, and are pictured on the right. Their brothers, Loki and Draco, are next to them wearing their purple Banzai dog packs.

Sally (Labrador Retriever)

Sally backpacking in her Trekker dog pack
This is an email we received from Sally's owner:

Well, with about 750 miles of backpacking behind us now, I guess I can make an objective assessment of Sally's Trekker Wolf Pack. In a word, I'm very pleased. This puppy (the Wolf Pack, not Sally) is tough as nails, and has held up under all conditions. I like these zippers (I added string pulls though - just one on each side, which makes getting into the bags and closing them much easier on the trail). I like the fact too, that the Wolf Pack can be cinched up higher on the dog's shoulders, where a canine is more comfortable carrying a pack than when the saddle bags are flopping down around their bellies, or under their bellies, as is the case with many of the cheaply made dog packs I see on the trails. Don't buy cheap dog packs!! Wolf Packs are a well made American product and deserves a hearty endorsement.

Tom Sweetnam (and Sally the Wonderdog)
Eureka, CA

Shayla (Rottweiler)

Shayla preparing to hike with her Banzai dog pack
Linda Guinness and her Scout Troop include Shayla wearing her medium green Banzai dog pack. This lucky Rottweiler gets to tote the scouts' provisions while they explore the beautiful trails of New Zealand together. The Arawa Scout Troop consists partly of Linda (Mum), Antony (12), Sarah (10), Shayla (3).

Linda has sent us some comments (see Shayla's Pack).

Diva & BeBe (Alaskan Malamutes)

Diva & Bebe wearing their dog packs
Joanne Sugden and Alice Lister's beautiful Malamutes Diva and BeBe enjoying an adventure in Malham Cove, part of the Yorkshire Dales in England. This is Diva's first outing in her new forest green Banzai dog pack. Joanne says, "She took to it like a duck to water". Diva carried the lighter items while BeBe (who has more backpacking experience) carried the heavier things. Both the girls enjoy wearing their packs, especially when the refreshments come out!

Diva & Bebe wearing their dog packs
Malham Cove is an incredible spot. It is quite a way inland, near to the Lake district. The Cove itself is about 70 meters above the valley floor. It is thought that it was formed through a combination of ice, glacial meltwater and underground water. The limestone pavement (as shown in the image to the right) sits on top of the cove, and was probably formed in the most recent Ice Age (about 2 million years ago) when glaciers scraped away surface debris. This exposed the limestone and allowed rainwater to erode the joints leaving deep fissures in the rock. As you can see in the photograph, Diva and BeBe had no trouble picking their way across the rounded rock tops.

This is one of Joanne's favorite hikes with spectacular scenery and views.

Dexter (Labrador Retriever)

Dexter in his Banzai dog pack
Laura Yee's Dexter is shown on his first outing with his new forest green Banzai dog pack. Laura has some good advice for trail dogs who enjoy swimming while packing:

We've only used it for one backpacking trip so far, but it worked really well for him. He was a little startled when he jumped into the lake for a swim before we were able to take it off for him, but he quickly ran back to the shore before getting too waterlogged! Waterproofing the contents is an absolute necessity for swimmers like labs!!

Buddy (Alaskan Malamute)

Buddy exploring in his Banzai dog pack
Buddy, owned by Charlene LaBelle, author of the book Guide to Backpacking With Your Dog, shows off his forest green Banzai dog pack. Buddy is an Alaskan Malamute bred and shown by Charlene. This picture was taken next to our shop during their visit. Charlene and Buddy have logged many miles with this pack, including an exciting adventure near Devil's Slide in northern California.