Tikkah (Alaskan Malamute)

Joshua Hantman and his Alaskan Malamute Tikkah are hiking on one of the trails near Philadelphia in this photo. Joshua ordered this pack from us for his first Alaskan Malamute in 2001. He recently sent us the following message:

I bought a Banzai pack thirteen years ago for my first Alaskan Malamute, Tikk. Together we logged roughly a thousand trail miles with your Banzai dog pack, until he passed away four years ago. Unable to cope without a dog wearing your pack, I bought another Alaskan Malamute, a female named Tikkah, who has taken Tikk's name AND dog pack another thousand miles already.

I have used the same pack for two dogs, over grueling trail conditions in all sorts of weather and have been utterly delighted with the quality of the pack. You have my undying devotion and support.

I tell many others I meet on trails about your company's fine product.

Jackson, revisited (X Breed)

Jackson wearing his Banzai dog pack
Here is Josh Colgan’s hiking buddy Jackson. They are hiking on the beautiful Falls Trail at Rickett's Glen State Park in North Eastern Pennsylvania. This trail is closed in winter, but advanced hikers and registered ice climbers who are properly equipped may still access the trail. Josh had this to day about Jackson’s Banzai pack.

The pack is still holding up extremely well and we have no issues to report. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces of hiking gear we use.

Jackson has a previous blog post with more information about Jackson, and this beautiful park.

Jackson (X Breed)

Jackson wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Jackson, owned by Joshua Colgan. He is a large mixed breed who was rescued from a bad situation. Now he has a wonderful home and gets to backpack in the beautiful forests of Pennsylvania. This picture was taken on the Falls Trail at Ricketts Glen State Park, elevation 2500 feet. The falls trail is known for the 22 waterfalls that line its 7+ miles. It's a tough, rocky trail, and very slick from the water that sprays on to the trail. Joshua sent us these words about Jackson's dog pack:

I just wanted to let you know that my dog LOVES his Banzai Wolf Pack. He had never worn a dog pack before we got it a few weeks ago, but he is a mixed breed rescue who's parents were both career working dogs and I could tell that he really enjoyed having a job and wearing his Wolf Pack from the moment I put it on. I found out today how well made your packs are and wanted to share my experience with you.

We did a lot of off trail hiking today and since my dog is still getting used to the extra width he needs to fit through obstacles, he is still often brushing (banging) against some of the rocks and trees in our path. I believe that he brushed against something at just the right angle to loosen the top to one of the 40oz bottles enough to allow the bottle to leak at least 20 oz of water all over the compartment it was in (we keep the bottles in the outside compartments in the black part of the pack). I didnt find out about this until we got home from our 4 hour hike (plus the 40 minute drive) and the only reason I found out at all was because I opened the pack to take everything out. The pack never leaked, it retained all the water that spilled, and most importantly, my survival book and map in the inner pocket behind the water bottle were still bone dry! I was unexpectedly and very pleasantly surprised. Thanks so much for making such an awesome product.

Joshua Colgan

Monty (Leonberger)

Monty wearing his Native dog pack.
This handsome Leonburger is Monty. He is owned by Pauline Ray and lives in New Zealand. Pauline sent us this message about Monty’s Native dog pack.

Thank you so much for the pack which arrived earlier this week. My dog, Monty, absolutely took to it straight away and feels really responsible, walking beside me without a lead! We are heading down south this weekend for a week or so. It is the mountain and lake district and we plan to do some gentle tramping.

Norman (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)

Norman jumping over a log while wearing his Reflector dog pack
This is forest agility at its best! Norman is owned by Jason Jones. Here are several pictures of Norman jumping over logs while wearing his loaded Reflector dog pack. Below is the message that Jason sent to us with these pictures.

Norman jumping over a log while wearing his Reflector dog pack
Just wanted to pass along a few “action” pictures of Norman (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) wearing his pack. He uses it to carry all his food, water (plus some of ours) and the first aid kit, when ever we go camping or hiking. He goes into work mode when he has the pack on and it has never constrained him or slowed him down. The straps and pack are very well designed as they do not “rub” anywhere and rarely need readjusted. Pack is about a year old, has been on multiple hikes and still looks brand new. Thanks for such a quality product, obviously well though out.

Shadow (Shiloh Shepherd)

Shadow wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Shadow, owned by Bill Maslen, enjoying a winter day in Canada. Bill sent us this nice picture, along with this message:

On behalf of Shadow (ISSR Shiloh Shepherd) and myself, we want to thank you for the prompt service, delivery and high quality large sized Banzai Wolf Pack we purchased for his 2nd birthday. Our search for a suitable dog pack to fit a dog of his size was well rewarded, and has improved the enjoyment of our long walks together, as he now carries both our water bottles, treats and other "vital" supplies. Have included a few pics of the big guy modeling your product on our most recent hike near our home in Saint-Lazare, QC Canada. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
Bill Maslen & Shadow

2002 SCA Pack Hike

Pack hike with 20 Samoyeds, most wearing a dog pack from Wolf Packs
Samoyed Club of America National Specialty often hosts a pack hike. It took place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 2002. Lots of fun working events were offered, alongside the conformation show. Our dogs Lightning and Nimbus hiked with nearly 20 other Samoyeds (most of them outfitted with Wolf Packs dog packs) on the Appalachian Trail. Our boys hiked in their royal blue Reflector dog packs, and are pictured on the right. Their brothers, Loki and Draco, are next to them wearing their purple Banzai dog packs.

Ice (Samoyed)

Ice wearing his Trekker dog pack
Sheldon Pineo's Samoyed Ice models his royal blue Trekker dog pack. His owner says, "Ice goes nuts!! when I pull the bags out. He gets so excited that it's difficult at times to put the bags on! I love my pack. It gets used quite a bit of use."

Yukon (Malamute/Siberian X)

Yukon hiking in his Banzai dog pack
Yukon, a Malamute/Husky mix owned by Vickey and Matt Wong, is pictured here during a trip to Diamond Peak Ski Resort in California. His red Banzai dog pack contains his own food, water, and the potty bags. Vickey tells us that Yukon also had matching color boots in his dog pack which he decided not to wear. As a result got his feet dirty. Yukon loves to run freely (especially in snow), but hates the bath when he gets home.

Thor (Wolf Hybrid)

Thor wearing his Banzai dog pack
Steve Gilmore's eight months old wolf hybrid Thor helps carry supplies during their climb up Mount Whitney. The summit can be seen in the distance to the right of Thor. He wears his royal blue Banzai Wolf Packs dog pack.

King (German Shepherd)

King wearing his Banzai dog pack
King, owned by Richard Amezquita, surveys the California coastline near Pacifica. It is said that Gaspar Portola was the first non-native to view the Bay Area from this historic location. King's royal blue Banzai dog pack helps to carry useful items while he is exploring.

Noni admiring King's Banzai dog pack
King and Noni are hiking on the Sweeny Ridge Trail in San Bruno, CA. This trail takes you up to the Portola Discovery site and let's you gaze at both the Pacific Ocean & the Bay Area at the same time. On clear days the Golden Gate is almost recognizable off in the distance. Notice how Noni is admiring her brother's dog pack.

Zeus & Apollo (German Shepherds)

Zeus and Apollo hiking in their Banzai dog packs
German Shepherds Zeus and Apollo, owned by Steve Williamson, hike along the shore of Ennerdale Lake in Great Britain. They help during this five day trip by packing gear in their Banzai dog packs. The teal (front) pack is a size medium while the purple pack is a large. Steve emailed us some comments (see comment titled Photos).

Apollo wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack
This is Apollo wearing his Saddle Bag at the beach for the first time. He was carrying some water bags, food and towels, etc. Steve said, "He knew when he was putting on the SaddleBag in the morning that he was going to the beach or somewhere else that he likes."

Apollo hiking in his Saddle Bag dog pack
Here is Apollo walking back home over the cliffs to Whitehaven. The trip was about 12 miles long.