Ganymede (X Breed)

Mark and Ariadni Eyman’s mixed breed Ganymede enjoys wearing his dog pack. They sent us several beautiful trail photos, but this photo against the tall buildings is lovely too. This is what Mark has to say about his dog’s pack:

Ganymede loves to go on trails with his Banzai pack. It wears him out and he doesn't leave the house without it! We look forward to different hikes and trails and so far have tackled one day hike each week. Thank you for your dedication to providing practical and quality equipment!

Chewbacca (X Breed)

Mike Grue sent us this beautiful photo of his mixed breed dog named Chewbacca, along with the following message:

I just wanted to let you know how well your Banzai pack performed for Chewbacca and I on our recent hikes around Mammoth Lakes area. Chewbacca is a 60lbs 1.5 year old shepherd mix who has never worn a pack before. I bought the small size and it fit him so well he didn't even flinch when I put it on. He was in charge of carrying his food and water while we were on the trail and I have to imagine that it gave him a sense of purpose to be carrying his own gear.

He gets excited now whenever he sees me loading up his pack, and I have to admit that not having to carry an extra 10lbs in my own pack makes my trip more enjoyable! I thought you might like to see my favorite photo of Chewey at Convict Lake just south of Mammoth Lakes.

Thanks again,
Mike Grue

Oh, and btw-I was very impressed that a few hours after I ordered the pack on a Sunday, I got an email showing that the item was being shipped the very next morning. Good work!

Leila (Siberian Husky)

Leila, a Siberian Husky rescue, has enjoyed the active Pacific Northwest outdoor lifestyle with her owner John Rettig in all four seasons: hiking, backpacking, alpine climbing, and backcountry snowshoeing. He writes:

Up to age six, her endurance usually outlasted even the toughest human in the group – she was always in the lead, always pushing ahead to see what was around the next corner. She has summited Mount Saint Helens, ascended 7,000 vertical feet in six hours, backpacked Northwest wilderness for several days, and traversed higher elevation winter backcountry routes on top of 170” snowpack.

She is seen here at age 10 in her well-used
Banzai pack on the PCT in the Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon.

Tapio (Finnish Spitz)

Tapio wearing his Banzai dog pack
Here are Glen Fess’ dogs backpacking in the Sacramento Mountains of central New Mexico. Tapio, the Finnish Spitz, wears one of our Banzai dog packs. Fifteen pound Rowdy, the Schipperke, wears a dog pack from another company. Glen contacted us to check whether we make a pack small enough for the little guy, which we don’t unfortunately. This is what Glen had to say about his packs:

Another view of Tapio wearing his Banzai dog pack
I currently have one of your Banzai packs for my Finnish Spitz (Tapio) and he luvs it!! I'll be getting another in the near future for a Karelian Bear Dog that I hope to get in February, 2010. I also have a Schipperke (Rowdy) that carries a 2 piece Kelty K-9 Sherpa pack since he is too small for any of the Wolf Packs. The Banzai seems to ride much better than the Kelty pack and is much easier to put on and take off.

Take care,

Adelae (Catahoula Leopard Dog)

Adelae wearing her Banzai dog pack
Here is Auz Gage's dog Adelae, who is an experienced trial dog. This photo shows the usefulness of the lashpatches we attach to the top of our dog packs. Auz sent us this nice photo, along with the following message:

I can't tell you enough how much I love and use this pack. I'm a relatively avid backpacker and day hiker (as much as a full time student with a full time job can be). Adelae is my Catahoula Leopard Dog and when she sees the pack come out, she just goes crazy! She wears a size small Banzai pack in Orange (I LOVE the color). Also, can I just say how much I love the pockets as well as the lashing option on the top of the pack? Normally Adelae just carries water for day hikes (and my snake hook since I'm a herp hobbyist), but when we're out for the long haul, she carries her own supplies as well as various things lashed to the top of the pack. I must admit, it does add stability when I have a mat tied to the top of the pack. Wolf Packs makes such an excellent product, we have never had any problems with rubbing, soreness or discomfort. Being in Central Florida, we generally stay around here, which means there's a ton of sugar sand, mud and sharp things. We plan on using this pack until it falls apart, and after two years of hard use it doesn't show any signs of wear! I don't know what I would do without it. It's just a great product and I will be a patron for life!

Thanks again for such great products!
Auz & Adelae

Alex (X Breed)

Alex wearing his Banzai dog pack
This is Adam Varga’s dog Alex. He had an incredible adventure hiking a trail that stretches from New Hampshire to Canada, while toting his share in his Banzai pack. Alex sent us some great photos, as well as this story:

I just wanted to let you know that my dog Alex successfully completed a thruhike of the 162 mile Cohos Trail (along with myself and my girlfriend). The hike took us 15 days to complete. It started at Crawford Notch in New Hampshire and ended at the Canadian border.

Alex's pack held up great. Aside from getting covered in dirt and mud, the pack is still in great shape. Our dog wore it proudly and comfortably.

Kaelin (Samoyed)

Kaelin wearing her Banzai dog pack
This is one of Lori Elvera’s Samoyeds, Kaelin, who is backpacking at Geneva Mountain in Colorado. She is wearing one of the few hot pink Banzai packs we have ever made. This is what Lori had to say about the dog packs she owns:

For years I have been using Banzai dog packs, and have LOVED them! Hiking in the mountains of Colorado we have encountered rugged terrain and the packs have held up exceptionally well through rocks and brush. Laundering them is easy with a quick cold water rinse in the machine and then air dry. The panniers are roomy enough to hold the 2 liter Platypus water packs, plus other essentials for the dogs. I’ve added a metal ring to the black tabs on top of the pack and use a carabineer to hold their water bowl. My girls wear a size small and weigh about 40#. I highly recommend the product. HIKE ON!

Ty (X Breed)

Ty wearing a Native dog pack
Here is Mike Iverson’s dog Ty on a backpack trip with his Native dog pack and matching Limited Slip Collar. Along with Ty’s lovely photo, Mike sent this message to us:

Thanks for all your help. The whole "dog packing" experience was very positive and we're looking forward to years of use from our Wolf Pack. Our Lab/Weimaraner cross had no trouble adjusting to the pack at all - we just put it on and headed into the back country!

Thanks again for a quality product and your willingness to help fit our dog over the phone...

Matty (X Breed)

Matty wearing her Banzai dog pack
This happy girl is Matty, owned by Tom Beach. Tom sent us this cute picture, and had this to say about Matty’s new pack:

As you can tell, Matty loves her new Banzai pack. It fits great and rides well, even up and down very steep mountain trails. Thank you for the outstanding design and workmanship built into this product. It is far superior in both design and workmanship to the previous pack I had purchased from a pet shop. Also, your recommendations and personal attention were a great help. Thanks again for such an excellent product!

Devo & Tybo (X Breeds)

Devo & Ty Bo, trained by Dogs for the Deaf
Devo (Lab cross) and Ty Bo (Poodle/Pomeranian cross) trained by Dogs for the Deaf in Oregon. They are wearing their special orange ID Capes to identify them as Hearing Dogs. Here is some more information about the wonderful organization that trained these two special dogs.

For over 30 years, Dogs for the Deaf has been rescuing dogs from shelters, professionally training them, and placing them nationwide and in Canada with people who can benefit from their special training. Dogs for the Deaf trains Hearing Dogs to alert people who are deaf or hard of hearing to environmental sounds around them, Autism Assistance Dogs to provide increased safety and emotional bonding for children with autism, and Miracle Mutts who provide emotional support, therapeutic benefits, and a reason to live to people with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional challenges. These dogs are placed free of charge with applicants who need their assistance. Dogs for the Deaf is a non-profit organization funded totally by donations.

Robin (Australian Shepherd)

Robin the Australian Shepherd and her hiking group

Here is Jeanne Sheridan and her Australian Shepherd, Robin. She is wearing a green Reflector dog pack. They are enjoying the company of a hiking group called the Cruising Canines. This is what Jeanne wrote about this group:

The Cruising Canines was a class offered at The Canine Sports Center in Goshen, CT. Initially it was a class offered to apply good manners out and about. We'd pick a different place each week to meet. The picture was taken at Topsmeade State Forest in Litchfield, CT. We all had so much fun that we're going to meet once a month as a group just for fun.

Koby (X Breed)

Koby enjoying his Reflector dog pack

This is Koby, owned by Richard Griswold, trying out his Reflector dog pack. Richard sent us this note to let us know what his dog thinks of his dog pack:

I wanted to thank you for the new dog pack. Koby has taken to it like he's worn a pack his whole life. He seemed to really enjoy getting his dog treats out of the pack after our run this morning. I've attached a couple of pictures of him wearing it.

Cole (Dalmation)

This is Cole, an active Dalmatian owned by Prue Stuhr. His Reflector dog pack is used as a way to shed excessive energy. Here is an email we received from his owner:

Thanks, Linda for the wonderful back pack. When I spoke with you I told you that I was buying it as Cesar Millan recommended them for walking with your dog. I have used it several times just walking in the neighborhood People are quite amused. I appreciate your personal touch of talking on the phone…That is remembered.

Cole will be going into the conformation ring with a handler as I still am not strong enough. He is a happy, outgoing boy, but a dominant one. So the daily training until the show in mid September will be essential.

Best wishes with showing your Sammies. Just imagine, a Best at the National Specailty... Wow, that is a lifetime achievement. You belong to a very select and small group!

Thanks again for the beautifully made and fitting back pack. Cole was Mr. Blue in his litter, so he is continuing his “blue ways”.


2002 SCA Pack Hike

Pack hike with 20 Samoyeds, most wearing a dog pack from Wolf Packs
Samoyed Club of America National Specialty often hosts a pack hike. It took place in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 2002. Lots of fun working events were offered, alongside the conformation show. Our dogs Lightning and Nimbus hiked with nearly 20 other Samoyeds (most of them outfitted with Wolf Packs dog packs) on the Appalachian Trail. Our boys hiked in their royal blue Reflector dog packs, and are pictured on the right. Their brothers, Loki and Draco, are next to them wearing their purple Banzai dog packs.

Sally (Labrador Retriever)

Sally backpacking in her Trekker dog pack
This is an email we received from Sally's owner:

Well, with about 750 miles of backpacking behind us now, I guess I can make an objective assessment of Sally's Trekker Wolf Pack. In a word, I'm very pleased. This puppy (the Wolf Pack, not Sally) is tough as nails, and has held up under all conditions. I like these zippers (I added string pulls though - just one on each side, which makes getting into the bags and closing them much easier on the trail). I like the fact too, that the Wolf Pack can be cinched up higher on the dog's shoulders, where a canine is more comfortable carrying a pack than when the saddle bags are flopping down around their bellies, or under their bellies, as is the case with many of the cheaply made dog packs I see on the trails. Don't buy cheap dog packs!! Wolf Packs are a well made American product and deserves a hearty endorsement.

Tom Sweetnam (and Sally the Wonderdog)
Eureka, CA

Kiska & Nika (X Breeds)

Kiska and Nika explore in their Trekker dog packs
Sherry Simmons' Kiska and Nika explore the Misty Moon Trail in the Big Horns, Wyoming. These two beautiful dogs are sisters. They both wear Trekker dog packs to carry their gear. Sherry has this to say about her packs:

On our big trip to the mountains of Wyoming and Montana, my dogs Kiska and Nika wore Trekker dog packs, in burgundy and royal blue with matching collars and collapsible dog bowls.

The dogs had no trouble adjusting to their packs. They appear to be comfortable and well-fitted. As we hiked on the various trails on our trip, the packs proved strong and durable. They dried quickly, and cleaned off easily by brushing when the mud dried. The dogs had no places where the straps rubbed or created sore spots, something I watched for and was pleased not to find. Because the dogs were just one year old, I did not fill the packs with heavy equipment, but our experience was that the packs did not slide around (we hiked in some steep places, both up and down), and the dogs had no problem running around and cavorting with packs on as well as off. They also were able to sit and lay down comfortably in their packs.

The dogs and I both love these packs and we had a great time on our trip.

Kisak and Nika enjoy hiking in their Trekker dog packs
Here the sisters are hiking the Clay Butte Trail in the Beartooth range, Wyoming. The view is to the Absorkas in the south, still cloaked with snow. If you look at the photograph carefully you will see that Sherry has attached both dogs to one leash. This gives her more control and allows the dogs to travel with less danger of tangling.

A beautiful sunset for Kiska and Nika
With their dog packs removed for the evening, Kiska & Nika enjoy a beautiful sunset from Sheep Mountain in the Big Horn range. Sherry says, "They are terrific hiking partners!"

Laika (Samoyed)

Laika hiking in her Trekker dog pack
While hiking in Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina, Laika, a beautiful Samoyed owned by Ricq Pattay, puts her purple Trekker Wolf Packs dog pack to the test.

Leslie Ann (Greyhound)

Leslie Ann wearing her Trekker dog pack
Forest Godsey's Leslie Ann shows that even fine boned greyhounds have what it takes to help carry the load. This photo shows her hiking in her red Trekker dog pack on a trail close to Forest's home. The photo below shows a different view in a local park.

Leslie Ann in her Trekker dog pack
Forest has two dogs, both outfitted with our dog packs. He says, "All I have to do is get their packs out of the closet and the dogs get excited. They associate the packs with fun! I honestly think my dogs enjoy walks more when I put their packs on them and make them carry something. If I've been careless and not put their packs in the closet, my Lab will bring me his pack instead of his leash to indicate it's time for a walk."

You might enjoy reading Forest's comments (see Keeping Cool) about how Leslie Ann stays cool with her dog pack.

Ashiko (Husky/Cattle Dog X)

Ashiko hiking in his Banzai dog pack
With his luminous blue eyes looking right into the camera, Husky/CattleDog cross Ashiko models his purple Banzai dog pack while on a recent hike.

He is owned and photographed by Rob Pivonka & Michelle Crumrine.

Bonnie (X Breed)

Bonnie in her Reflector dog pack
Bonnie enjoys hiking with her friend Zach. This picture shows her exploring the Art Loeb Trail. She is wearing a small orange Reflector dog pack. This scenic trail is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Zach sent us this message about Bonnie's dog pack: "Just wanted you guys to see how Bonnie is doing with her pack! My friends and I did the Art Loeb Trail last month, out in Western NC. About 40 miles of hiking, Bonnie just loved it!! She fought putting the pack on at first, but then really started to like it. She wears it on every hike, just in case! Plus one day it began to rain, and we didn't think the pack would be waterproof- but once we opened it up, nothing was wet! Awesome work!!"

Dolly (South Russian Ovcharka)

Dolly wearing her Reflector dog pack
Dolly is a South Russian Ovcharka. (Sheepdog) who enjoys having a job. Here is her story as told by her owner...

The first time I tried to put the pack on Dolly, she got up and ran to the other room. The second day I petted her while Mary got the pack on her. The third day she barked the cat away when he sniffed at the pack. "Bark, that's my pack kitty". I was able to put it on her as if it was just routine.

Dolly scootering with her Reflector dog pack
We got the Reflector pack for her daily walks in the Texas summer heat. She needs good exercise despite the heat, because she is a large working breed without a farm to work. Also the exercise I get helped lower my blood pressure, and has me off the blood pressure medicine now. She carries water and ice in 0.5 liter Platypus and wide-mouth Nalgene water bags.

The pack moves with her nicely. She trots along beside me as I ride a razor scooter (people powered one, not the electric one). Started in September 2007 and got Wolf Pack in June. By November of this year 2008 we will have scootered a thousand miles on our daily walks.

Part of the walk we leave the sidewalk, and I carry the scooter and take her where she can have earth under her paws. The picture [below] is at her favorite place, wind in her face at the top of the only hill in the area in a field out west of the neighborhood.

Etta (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

Etta in her Reflector dog pack
Etta is shown with Steve's hiking partner Bob, and Bailey (Bob's five year old Golden Retreiver). Etta is owned by Steve Houser, and really enjoys hiking in her teal Reflector dog pack. She is a two year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. During this hike she was carrying her water retrieval bumpers, first aid kit, poop trowel, some toilet paper, her trail treats, and some apples. They were hiking in the Pine Creek region of Pennsylvania. Steve says, "The pack fits perfectly and never chafes, even on a 14 miler like this day. She never balks at putting it on."

Flame & Dandy (Rough Collies)

Flame and Dandy wearing their Reflector dog packs
Marcus Hanke's two rough collies Flame (closest dog) & Dandy explore the woodlands of northern Austria known as the Waldviertel in their matching burgundy Reflector dog packs. Their packs are holding raingear, water, maps, tour guides, etc. Marcus says this about carrying valuables in his Wolf Packs dog packs:

...the dogs are carrying also our money and travel documents in the unique small pockets on the top of the dog bags - especially in crowded towns, where no pickpocket ever dares to search for it if he doesn't like some teeth in his fingers!

To see more pictures and comments from Marcus, please see Photos Of Our Dogs Equipped With Dog Packs on our testimonials page.

Nikki & Kavik (Siberian Huskys)

Nikki wearing her Banzai dog pack
Laurie McGavran's five year old Siberian Husky Nikki enjoys a hike through a cool meadow in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. She is wearing a small orange Banzai pack to help carry the gear. Laurie writes, "It fits well, and she can really help by carrying either water or rain gear."

Kavik enjoying his Banzai dog pack
Kavik rests for a moment on a boulder during a hike on the Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico. He is Laurie's five year old Siberian Husky. Kavik sports a medium orange Banzai pack."

Nexus (Standard Poodle)

Nexus in his Reflector dog pack
Nexus (Ch Tiara Nexus) owned by Patricia Williamson, is wearing his Reflector backpack on a day trip to a mountain lake near his Palm Springs, California home. He wears his backpack daily during conditioning walks in the morning and evening. Trish says: "The reflective tape is a terrific safety feature during the evening outings".

Mimbres (X Breed)

Mimbres running in snow while wearing her Banzai dog pack
Katherine Anderson and Mimbres live in Tucson, Arizona. Mimbres' pack usually encounters spiny cactus, thorny shrubs, and jagged granite boulders. Katherine reports, "it has held up beautifully" during their daily walks. This picture shows Mimbres and her Banzai dog pack in action during a winter vacation to the San Gabriel Mountains in California for some snow play. This is her first introduction to snow. She seems to really love it, as she races around boulders and snow covered logs in her pack.

Katherine says, "Mimbres carries an emergency ID card, an idea I picked up from reading other customers' comments. This is good insurance for our backcountry trail runs, as we usually go alone."