Kiba #1 (Wolf Hybrid)

Kiba about to leap from a fallen log in her Trekker dog pack
This is our Kiba about to leap from a fallen log on Mount San Gorgonio, CA. She is about eight feet above the ground. Her jump was successful, but to avoid such incidents we now always keep our dogs on-leash when we wander from our property. This keeps dogs from frightening other pack animals and wildlife that may also be using the trail, as well as people who are afraid of dogs. Many public land administrations now ban dogs from trails, due to off-leash problems.

Kiba's Trekker pack was loaded with our cook stove, cooking pans and tools, first-aid essentials, my rain gear, the truck keys, all of her food and water, and the water filter. In all, about 15 pounds of gear. On the way back down the mountain it was also containing a good quantity of trash found along the trail.

Blazer (Labrador Retriever)

Blazer hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail in his Trekker dog pack
Blazer, owned by Barbara & Jeff Thompson, prepares to hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail with his friends. To help the humans, he totes his share of the load in a Trekker dog pack. Their hike went from just beyond the southern corner of Crater Lake National Park to a small lake about 50 miles to the South. Barbara & Jeff described some beautiful autumn foliage and very little foot traffic.

You might enjoy reading Jeff's message (see Blazer's Trekker).

Kiska & Nika (X Breeds)

Kiska and Nika explore in their Trekker dog packs
Sherry Simmons' Kiska and Nika explore the Misty Moon Trail in the Big Horns, Wyoming. These two beautiful dogs are sisters. They both wear Trekker dog packs to carry their gear. Sherry has this to say about her packs:

On our big trip to the mountains of Wyoming and Montana, my dogs Kiska and Nika wore Trekker dog packs, in burgundy and royal blue with matching collars and collapsible dog bowls.

The dogs had no trouble adjusting to their packs. They appear to be comfortable and well-fitted. As we hiked on the various trails on our trip, the packs proved strong and durable. They dried quickly, and cleaned off easily by brushing when the mud dried. The dogs had no places where the straps rubbed or created sore spots, something I watched for and was pleased not to find. Because the dogs were just one year old, I did not fill the packs with heavy equipment, but our experience was that the packs did not slide around (we hiked in some steep places, both up and down), and the dogs had no problem running around and cavorting with packs on as well as off. They also were able to sit and lay down comfortably in their packs.

The dogs and I both love these packs and we had a great time on our trip.

Kisak and Nika enjoy hiking in their Trekker dog packs
Here the sisters are hiking the Clay Butte Trail in the Beartooth range, Wyoming. The view is to the Absorkas in the south, still cloaked with snow. If you look at the photograph carefully you will see that Sherry has attached both dogs to one leash. This gives her more control and allows the dogs to travel with less danger of tangling.

A beautiful sunset for Kiska and Nika
With their dog packs removed for the evening, Kiska & Nika enjoy a beautiful sunset from Sheep Mountain in the Big Horn range. Sherry says, "They are terrific hiking partners!"

Zion (Rottweiler)

Zion in a beautiful place with his Trekker dog pack
Zion, a Rottweiler owned by Shan Do, wears his medium teal Trekker pack while exploring the wilderness. They live in Canada, but enjoy visits to New England as well. This photograph was taken on the way to Mount Marcy in the Adirondacks of New York.

You might enjoy Shan's comments (see Received The Pack) about Zion's pack.

Kodiak (Alaskan Malamute)

Kodiak crashing through snow in his Banzai dog pack
Kodiak, a beautiful red Malamute owned by Gary Michelsen, romps wildly through deep snow while wearing his XLarge teal Banzai dog pack. Kodiak was only one year old when these shots were taken, but already weighed 142 pounds!

Kodiak running in his Banzai dog pack
Since first purchasing Kody's pack in July '96, it has seen many trail miles. Their adventures include sections of the Marble Mountain Wilderness, Trinity Alps Wilderness, Mammoth Mountain, much of the Eastern Sierra, Cucamonga, and Sheep Mountain Wilderness in the San Gabriel Mountains. These two photos were taken on a trip in the Cucamonga Wilderness, CA.

Zeus & Apollo (German Shepherds)

Zeus and Apollo hiking in their Banzai dog packs
German Shepherds Zeus and Apollo, owned by Steve Williamson, hike along the shore of Ennerdale Lake in Great Britain. They help during this five day trip by packing gear in their Banzai dog packs. The teal (front) pack is a size medium while the purple pack is a large. Steve emailed us some comments (see comment titled Photos).

Apollo wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack
This is Apollo wearing his Saddle Bag at the beach for the first time. He was carrying some water bags, food and towels, etc. Steve said, "He knew when he was putting on the SaddleBag in the morning that he was going to the beach or somewhere else that he likes."

Apollo hiking in his Saddle Bag dog pack
Here is Apollo walking back home over the cliffs to Whitehaven. The trip was about 12 miles long.

Etta (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

Etta in her Reflector dog pack
Etta is shown with Steve's hiking partner Bob, and Bailey (Bob's five year old Golden Retreiver). Etta is owned by Steve Houser, and really enjoys hiking in her teal Reflector dog pack. She is a two year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. During this hike she was carrying her water retrieval bumpers, first aid kit, poop trowel, some toilet paper, her trail treats, and some apples. They were hiking in the Pine Creek region of Pennsylvania. Steve says, "The pack fits perfectly and never chafes, even on a 14 miler like this day. She never balks at putting it on."

Buffy (Samoyed)

Buffy hiking with his Banzai dog pack
Eight year old Conrad Smith hikes with Buffy, his Samoyed, in Hidden Valley near Craven, Saskatchewan in Canada. Buffy wears a size medium teal Banzai pack, although a size small would have fit her nicely also. The weather was perfect for packing and the hills were beautiful with their cover of pink, purple, yellow, orange and blue wildflowers.