Abby (Miniature Schnauzer)

Abby wearing her ID Cape
This is Abby, a Miniature Schnauzer. She is a therapy dog who works with children with special needs. She is owned by Christina who wrote, “Abby is a source of joy to all who know her. She loves her job very much.”

When Abby is at work, she wears one of our purple ID Capes. Christina says, “It’s a lightweight cape, perfect for any working dog, and it is very comfortable for all day work.”

Bearette (Schipperke)

Bearette using her ID Cape in the field
Julie Wood's wonderful Schipperke Bearette is a Search and Rescue Dog in training. For identification in the field, she uses a red ID Cape with a special SAR patch. Julie and her husband love this breed so much that they are considering training their new Schipperke puppy Hawk to accompany Bearette on search assignments.

You might find Julie's comments (see Bearette's ID Cape) about Bearette's gear of interest.

Takao & Tiki (Shibas)

These adorable brother and sister Shiba-Inus belong to Carolyn and Larry Brick. Both dogs are certified Hearing Ear Dogs. Takao, the black male, is partnered with Larry and Tiki, the red sesame female is the partner of Carolyn. They both wear an orange ID Cape in XSmall, and have one of our "Please Don't Pet Me" patches sewn onto the top center of the cape.

You might enjoy reading Larry's letter (see Tornado Warning) about how Takao warned him about an approaching tornado.