Trekker Dog Pack Testimonials

Through the years we have received many pictures and comments from our customers. Below you will find a few specific to their Trekker dog packs (discontinued, now Reflector). Many of them include some beautiful photos.

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Oscar's Pack Is Perfect

Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 144130 -0600
From: Bruce Aldridge
Subject: Oscar's Pack Is Perfect

Dear Linda,

Just got back from a five day hike in the Flat Tops Primitive Area here in Colorado. Oscar's Trekker pack fit perfectly and worked wonderfully. He was able to pack his own food and a bit of our food. He zipped up the steep trail and acted like the pack was not even there.


Bruce Aldridge

Will Be Thru-Hiking The AT

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 213016 EDT
From: Kathy Britt
Subject: Will Be Thru-Hiking The AT


We will be thru-hiking the AT next year (starting in March). I will take pictures during our training hikes--we have several planned between now and then.

Took our dogs on their first hike with their new Wolf Packs this weekend. No chafing!!! (a problem we have had with other packs). The fleece buckle pads seem to do the job. Also, Elvis and Myrtle got lots of attention from the other day hikers out there, and we were able to do lots of advertising for your website from interested folks who had no idea that dog packs even existed.

Kathy Britt

Hiking Photos

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 140253 -0600
From: Hartley L. Smith or Moira V. Towriss-Smith
Subject: Hiking Photos
Just got back from another great hike with the dogs. It is so much fun for owners and dogs alike. Our Samoyeds go crazy when they see me reach for the packs, just like they would if I were taking out their leash. Have had wonderful weather for packing and the hills are so beautiful with their cover of pink, purple, yellow, orange and blue flowers.

Moira V. Towriss-Smith
Anoka Samoyeds Reg'd
Regina, SK. Canada

Our Wolf Packs Arrived Today

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 220350 -0600
From: Moira V. Towriss-Smith
Subject: Our Wolf Packs Arrived Today

Our packs arrived today and we can hardly wait to try them out. Since it is pouring rain, we have had to make do with putting them on the dogs and letting them walk around the house in them. They wore them like they had been born with them. (I think they just thought it was a glorified sledding harness which they are very familiar with.) The US exchange and duty, GST, PST, shipping almost doubled their US listing price, but they're worth it. Will send a picture of our group soon.

Moira V. Towriss-Smith
Anoka Samoyeds Reg'd
Regina, SK. Canada


Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 210635 +1300
From: Glen Millar
Subject: Photos

Hi Linda and Paul,

My dogs name is Keg. He is a pure bred golden Labrador 2 years of age and was a long awaited 21st present from my parents. Everywhere I go he goes and I have never known a dog as loyal as he is.

By the way I think that your packs are awesome! Keep up the good work.

Glen & Keg
New Zealand

Glen sent us other photos too, which we have placed in our blog.

Photos Of Our Dogs

Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 173042 -0500
From: laura wade
Subject: Photos Of Our Dogs

Here are the photos of our boys at last. These were taken on our holiday to Wales this summer and the boys got their first taste of trekking with their new Packs.

We have been showing our packs to our friends and we even take them with us to races now as everyone wants to try them on their dogs. Hopefully there will be lots of Brits after your packs! Do you need a UK agent !!!!!!! Reasonable commission!!!!! We could even wear Wolf Packs baseball caps when we get photographed at events,

Elaine Burroughs and Laura Wade

It's A Keeper!

Date: Tue, Aug 4 1998 4:53 PM
From: Linda & Mario DAmico
Subject: It's A Keeper!

RE: Buster's Pack

Yippee - it arrived (in the 100+ degree heat). He looks adorable & loves it already. We've had a hectic day - so just greetings, we love it, fits great & more later - we hike on Thursday - so hope to get a great pic or two! You sew so beautifully - how do you do it?


Buster & Linda & Mario
(he's REALLY impressed with your quality)

The message below arrived a few days later, along with photos & a story. The reference to "the Fairies" was due to a previous message in which I shared our secret of how we sew such nice gear - the Fairies help us out while we sleep...

Date: Fri, Aug 7 1998 12:16 PM
From: Linda & Mario DAmico
Subject: Buster's Burgundy Pack - Made by Fairies

Dearest Linda,

I wish we were girlfriends. Your emails regarding progress of the pack and all your help and input and your desire to get the "perfect" fit is above & beyond normal good service. I loved having all the color choices (so many choices, so little time). I would happily & honestly recommend your company (& the fairies) to any and all.

We tried several packs on him before yours - I became very fussy & critical about fit, and yours is the perfect one - it fits wonderfully & he is obviously very happy with it. He truly transforms when he wears his Wolf Pack.

Our best wishes for your continued success and if we can help in anyway, please feel free to ask! I will miss our correspondence!

Love & Luck & Bless the Fairies!
Linda, Mario & Buster

Thank You

Date: Mon, Aug 3 1998 5:05 PM
From: Kevin and Jennifer Stultz
Subject: Thank You

Dear Linda,

My name is Aspen. You really made my first backpacking experience dog gone special. You helped me size a perfect fitting pack and it is certain to last me many more trips. I CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT TIME !! I just wanted to send you my picture (my owners Kevin and Jennifer took it) of me getting prepared to tackle Pagosa Peak. I am from Kansas and did I ever enjoy the cool weather of the mountains. I got to carry all kinds of really cool stuff in my pack too.


CD's New Pack

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 221620 -0700 (PDT)
From: Karen Williams
Subject: CD's New Pack

Received the Trekker pack this week for our border collie cross "CD" (Cow Dog). She loves it.

It's got dry dog food packed in it for practice weight and she actually has played Frisbee catch and gone on short treks. She even wags her tail and looks very dressed up in the dog pack.

Thanks so much for your quick sewing job!! They leave for Pacific Crest Trail this weekend.

Karen Williams

Great Pack!

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 010025 EDT
From: Abby Hurst
Subject: Great Pack!


I'm just writing to let you know that I got one of your Trekker packs for my dog, a German Shepherd mix, and we absolutely love it!!! She took to it right away, and loves to wear it too. Whenever she sees me pick it up she gets all excited and knows we're going somewhere. I took some pictures of her wearing it and if you could send me an address, I would love to send them to you.

Thank you,

Abby Hurst

Completely Satisfied

Date: Tue, Jul 14 1998 8:46 AM
From: D. MacAlpine
Subject: Completely Satisfied


I just had to write and say how impressed I was with the dog pack. After some initial skepticism by my dog (and wife) we strapped on the empty pack and went for a long walk. At first my poor dog looked considerably beat down by the empty pack, but soon he realized it was no problem and was chasing after the local squirrels and rabbits. I am completely amazed that the pack is able to stay put even with a beagle whose nose is on the ground constantly. Heck, even after a long rolling session in the grass to cool off, the pack remained centered on his back. We are really looking forward to using this in the mountains.

Thanks again for a great product,

David MacAlpine

Wolf Packs Versus Others

The following letter and pictures were sent to us on July 7, 1998.

Dear Paul & Linda,

After a long wait for what I thought was going to be your product, I was let down to see someone in Australia was copying (crudely I might add) your packs. In letting you know about this, you kindly sent over some Wolf Packs equipment for myself and Czar - my 10 month old tracking and trainee search & rescue German shepherd.

What a delight to see authentic caring people making authentic gear for exceptional dogs...after all, we both have the same goal in mind: to have fun, care for and appreciate our dogs.

There is not a day that goes by that Czar is without his ID Cape, as often he is tracking and off-lead. I have made an ID card to go in the zipper pocket, so if he finds someone or becomes list, he will not be written-off as another stray dog. As for his Trekker backpack, he loves it!! After a few close calls with trees and my legs, he has worked out it is for carrying gear, food, water, etc. and he has slowed down on his cornering and close passes of my wife's and my legs.

I can only say my business will definitely be yours, because as he grows so will my needs for more Wolf Packs equipment. Well done on a greatly made original product.

Yours faithfully and thankfully,

Creese Syred

Impressive Stuff!

Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 202229 EST
From: Jenna Woginrich
Subject: Impressive stuff!

Linda and Paul,

Murray's teal Trekker pack arrived yesterday, right on schedule. I must say, I am impressed! The pack is top quality, and rides so well on my dog that he can carry twice the load with half the effort then with his old pack. In fact, he had no trouble leaping four feet in the air to catch his Frisbee with a fully loaded 12 pound pack.

The small trail near my home really put the pack to the test today! Murray's pack didn't snag on thorns, rip from branches, or get wet inside from splashing through streams or mud puddles (and there was plenty of mud on that trail!).

He carried the pack up steep inclines without it shifting back, and it didn't weigh him down on the way back down the hill. His shoulders weren't sore or worn, and his coat didn't clump or mat. He ran, walked, trotted, and laid down to rest without any discomfort at all. Kudos!

I hope you'll keep up the great work, and keep making quality backpacks. We'll be spending lots of Murray's life out in the forests, and I have a feeling that I won't ever need to replace this pack. Thanks.


Jenna Woginrich and Murray CGC

Jenna entered our art contest. Her 1st place entry now adorns one of our T-shirts.

Blazer's Trekker

Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 150003 -0800
From: Jeff Thompson
Subject: Blazer's Trekker

Blazer was a huge help on our backpack trip, as he has been many times before. I've never weighed his pack, but he had at least 20 pounds in it and it didn't slow him down a bit. It contained 6 days worth of dog food (for him and our two little dogs), plus over one liter of white gas for the stove, three sets of dog boots (some of which we used on sore feet during the trip), my Tevas, plus a few other small items.

As the dog food is used up, we add more things from our packs. I don't think he minds. In fact he gets happy and comes right over when I pick his pack up. He loves having a job to do.

That pack has been on over a dozen multi-day trips and is still in perfect shape (although it has taken on more of an earthtone color scheme).

Jeff & Barbara Thompson
Blazer, Weasel, and Daphne

You might enjoy seeing a picture of Blazer on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Dogs and I Both Love These Packs

Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 13:37:18 -0500
From: Sherry Simmons
Subject: The Dogs and I Both Love These Packs

On our big trip to the mountains of Wyoming and Montana, my dogs Kiska and Nika wore Trekker dog packs, in burgundy and royal blue with matching collars and collapsible dog bowls.

The dogs had no trouble adjusting to their packs. They appear to be comfortable and well-fitted. As we hiked on the various trails on our trip, the packs proved strong and durable. They dried quickly, and cleaned off easily by brushing when the mud dried. The dogs had no places where the straps rubbed or created sore spots, something I watched for and was pleased not to find. Because the dogs were just one year old, I did not fill the packs with heavy equipment, but our experience was that the packs did not slide around (we hiked in some steep places, both up and down), and the dogs had no problem running around and cavorting with packs on as well as off. They also were able to sit and lay down comfortably in their packs.

The dogs and I both love these packs and we had a great time on our trip.

They Arrived!!

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 01:12:38 +0930
To: Wolf Packs, Inc.
From: Bryn Rhys Odermatt
Subject: They Arrived!!

Dear Linda,

IT ARRIVED!! The pack bags are everything we had hoped for and more. They are fantastic!! I don't know how many compliments I can bestow upon you and your company but you deserve them all. From what we can anticipate from the quality of your bags, you can expect a rather large order hopefully around mid-April.

Happy Trails,

Bryn Rhys Odermatt
Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Club of South Australia, Inc.

Received The Pack

Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 15:52:45 +0000
From: Shan Do
Subject: Received The Pack

Hi Linda,

Just wanted you to know that I received the Trekker dog pack exactly one week after I ordered it. Thanks for the prompt service. A picture with your product on the trail will be sent as soon as we hit the trail come spring.

Shan Do

We received this followup message two years later...

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 203102 -0400
From: Shan Do
Subject: Pictures Included!

Dear Linda,

I promised you a picture two years ago, but here they are at last. The Trekker pack is one tough piece of equipment, in fact its the Terraplane of doggie packs! Incredibly none of the stitching has frayed yet, despite the hard use we have put the pack through. I generally throw the pack into the washing machine after a trip, no problems yet so I guess its alright.

Thank you for a well made product.

Shan and Zion

Laika's Dog Pack

Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 14:32:35 -0500 (EST)
From: Ricq Pattay
Subject: Laika's Dog Pack
It's great that Laika can now help carry our gear when we hike. There's less weight for me, and I swear Laika acts more responsible when she's "working." Now we both feel like part of the team!

Thanks again,
Ricq Pattay

Keeping Cool

Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 16:18:32 est
From: Forest Godsey
Subject: Keeping Cool
Now that it is finally summer for most of us I'd like to share a tip I use to help keep my dogs from over-heating during summer walks. Both of my doggies have Trekker backpacks (made by Linda von Hanneken-Martin of Wolf Packs). When I plan to take the doggies for long walks I place "Freezepaks" (wrapped in hand towels) in the sides of their dog backpacks. "Freezepaks" are a brand name for re-usable ice substitutes used in beverage coolers, you know, the blue things you put in your freezer and then use instead of ice.

Both of my dogs (a Greyhound and a Labrador Retriever) seem to be much more comfortable during summer walks since I've been doing this. My Greyhound, especially, seemed to overheat on walks when it was hot and this really has helped her feel more comfortable. Also, it keeps the water that they carry cold (Wolf Packs also sells a collapsible water bowl and a floppy disk you can use for both play and drinking).

By the way, I don't work for Wolf Packs, I get no commission from them but they make darn good products and anyone who hikes with a dog should check out their catalogue. Among other things, they sell Summer Pad Protectors for us urbanites who have to walk our dogs on hot concrete. You can see their catalogue on-line by accessing their website at: One final thing about Wolf Packs: they really do stand by their guarantees; I know this from personal experience (no, they never sent me defective merchandise but they repaired some dog chewing damage for a very small fee and got my pack back to me very quickly).

Forest Godsey

Leslie Ann has an entry in our blog with more info and another picture of her.

Wolf Packs Arrive!

Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 20:58:27 -0600
From: Dan & Laura Hein
Subject: Wolf Packs Arrive!

The packs arrived today and they are great! Suzi and Stansi wore them around empty. Stansi was thrilled for some reason (maybe because I told her she was beautiful) and Suzi, the puppy, couldn't move for awhile, since something was on top of her. In a few minutes, however, she came trotting along.

They are very well made, fit very well, and the colors are nice. I will send you pictures from the trail :-)

Thanks again!

Laura K. Hein
Flambeau Kennels

Thank You

Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 09:58:00 E
From: Rebecca Marsh
Subject: Thank You

Hi there,

My brother, returned to Melbourne from the States yesterday morning. He brought with him the most fabulous Wolf Pack in the world. He told me how when he ordered it that you only had camouflage in stock and made up a red one for me especially. I wanted to write and thank you for your efforts.

The pack is beautiful and so well made. The rain proofed zips and fleece around the buckles are excellent details. Our dog Treacle, a Rotweiler cross, loves it. She accepted the pack straight away, showing no discomfort at all with wearing it. She still doesn't quite understand her new width but this will come in time no doubt. The red looks brilliant on her and will be easily seen when we go hiking in the bush. I hope to send you a photograph of the proud beast wearing her Wolf Pack soon. I really cannot thank you enough for your efforts in accommodating our rather rushed order.

Hopefully we will be able to send a few more orders your way as people see Treacle's pack. Unfortunately we have nothing like this in Australia at the moment, despite so many people enjoying hiking. There does not seem to be so much of a culture of hiking with dogs here as in the States but perhaps this shall be the beginning.

Thanks again,

Rebecca Marsh

Love Your Packs

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 1996 16:22:39 -0400
From: Sherri Williams
Subject: Love Your Packs

I purchased a pack from you about a year ago. I love it; my dog loves it; and we are always being asked where we found a pack with such quality. Jessie absolutely struts when she wears the pack. She is very proud of herself.

Sherri Williams