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About Us

      • Kate and Will became owners of Wolf Packs in 2023. They are excited to move forward with this amazing company as the previous owners, Steve and Vicki, are their parents. Paul and Linda, founders of the company, created a wonderful company that continues to provide the best gear available for working dogs.

Kate and Will live in the beautiful mountains of Southern Oregon with their two wonderful girls. As a family, they share a love for the outdoors and many adventures like camping, hiking, rafting, skiing, and biking. Their yellow lab, Sparkle, goes along on most of their trips and is a huge part of their family. A mule named Penny just joined their family along with their two goats, ducks, and chickens.

They enjoy the opportunity to help customers find gear for their dogs. Dog people are happy and joyful and bring this to their days as well.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our dog packs, please see fitting your dog for important measuring details. We welcome you to order directly from us, but we also have a small network of dealerships around the world and we invite you to check if a store in your area carries our products.

For some helpful hints, take a look at our Guide to Dog Packing. You may also enjoy reading a few comments about our dog packs, submitted by some of our customers.