About Us

Vicki and Steve have been on an adventure for 50 years. Navy, building a log home, raising six kids and building several businesses.

We live in the mountains of southern Oregon, hiking, and camping all the trails and mountain lakes. Now we enjoy the outdoors as much as our grandchildren.

We have manufactured Wolf Packs products for 10 years. We are honored to have taken over this company for Linda and Paul.

Our family has always included dogs. We fell in love with Boxers years ago and now we have Dilly! She is our “Therapy Dog” bringing kisses and laughter with all her crazy energy.

It is fun to talk to our new customers about their dogs. Dog people are happy and joyful and bring this into our day. Thank you!

If you are interested in purchasing one of our dog packs, please see fitting your dog for important measuring details. We welcome you to order directly from us, but we also have a small network of dealerships around the world and we invite you to check if a store in your area carries our products.

For some helpful hints, take a look at our Guide to Dog Packing. You may also enjoy reading a few comments about our dog packs, submitted by some of our customers.