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Bree (Bernese Mountain Dog) | Dog Packs: Reflector, Bernese Mountain Dog

Bree hiking in his Reflector dog packs

Dear Wolf Packs,

Thought you might enjoy having a picture of Bree sporting her new Trekker Wolf Pack. Bree is a Bernese Mountain Dog who loves to clown around. She weighs about 75 pounds and is almost 2½ years old.

Bree took to her pack immediately. She’s been wearing it for about five months. I’m delighted that she can start carrying gear, and she’s delighted to be of service. The pack does not restrict her movements in any way.

When Bree sees the pack she smiles and her tail starts wagging. She knows it’s time for outdoor fun! Thanks so much for designing a dog pack that is comfortable and functional.

Kindest regards,

Nancy Ives & Bree, Canada
(Sent in via snail-mail)