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Cole (Dalmation) | Dog Packs: Reflector, Dalmation

This is Cole, an active Dalmatian owned by Prue Stuhr. His Reflector dog pack is used as a way to shed excessive energy. Here is an email we received from his owner:

Thanks, Linda for the wonderful back pack. When I spoke with you I told you that I was buying it as Cesar Millan recommended them for walking with your dog. I have used it several times just walking in the neighborhood People are quite amused. I appreciate your personal touch of talking on the phone…That is remembered.

Cole will be going into the conformation ring with a handler as I still am not strong enough. He is a happy, outgoing boy, but a dominant one. So the daily training until the show in mid September will be essential.

Best wishes with showing your Sammies. Just imagine, a Best at the National Specailty… Wow, that is a lifetime achievement. You belong to a very select and small group!

Thanks again for the beautifully made and fitting back pack. Cole was Mr. Blue in his litter, so he is continuing his “blue ways”.