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Kelly (Coonhound) | Dog Packs: Banzai, Coonhound

Cathy sent us this photo of Kelly, her adventurous Coonhound. We were stuck by the openness of the spanning bridge, and how confident Kelly looks while crossing it. Here are a few words from Cathy about Kelly and her pack:

I bought a medium sized Banzai pack for our red-tick English coonhound, Kelly, so that she could accompany us on a backpacking trip and carry her own gear. Here is a photo of her provisioned for a week on the trail in the Northern Rockies, British Columbia, Canada (Monkman Pass Heritage Trail). She will definitely be joining in on future trips as the pack performed beautifully in that rugged setting. I especially like how, when properly fitted, the pack stays in place without shifting forward on the downhills and does not cause any hot-spots.

Best regards,
Cathy in B.C. Canada