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Pingo (Akita) | Dog Packs: Trekker, Akita

Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 11:04:09 -1000
From:Ken Severin
Subject: Pack is Here!

Pingo wearing a Trekker dog pack

The pack arrived and indeed looks and fits well. I’m glad we went with the medium instead of the large! Haven’t had a real workout yet, but hopefully this weekend. Pingo seems to think that the pack is “just another one of those strange things they keep making me do.”

Thanks again.

Ken Severin

This paragraph was later added by the author to further explain the preceeding message:

I ordered a purple Trekker pack for our Akita, Pingo, but was unsure of the size, as Pingo was right on the dividing line between a medium and a large. Linda answered my questions quickly via email, and even had the pack ready to go while she was waiting for the credit card number to arrive via snail mail. I also really appreciate Linda taking the time to ship by Parcel Post rather than UPS, a considerable savings when shipping to Alaska!