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Shea (Samoyed) | Dog Packs: Saddle Bag, Samoyed

Shea wearing her Saddle Bag dog pack

Shea is a 7 month old youngster owned by Lynée & Tim Miller. She is pictured relaxing on a park bench, happily poising for her picture. Her royal blue Saddle Bag compliments her beautiful white coat. Even though she has not finished growing, she will be able to wear this pack throughout her lifetime. Lynée and Tim wrote the following about Shea’s pack:

We have really enjoyed being able to go on longer street hikes, pounded much concrete until we reach our beloved beach. Shea and I thank you for your great product and look forward to purchasing more stuff from you in the future. There is no pack at REI that compares to this wonderful light weight pack you have made for our 7 month old daughter!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!