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Raja & Zeus (German Shepherds) | Dog Packs: Reflector, German Shepherd

Zeus wearing a Reflector dog pack

This is Zeus, and below you will see a picture of Raja. These two handsome German Shepherds are wearing their Reflector dog packs on one of their many adventures. Patrice Doyle (their owner) sent us the following message, along with these beautiful photos:

Thought I’d share two great pictures of my German Shepherd backpacking with me in Desolation Wilderness area in the Lake Tahoe region in California. Both are wearing the Reflector pack. When I’d take their packs off and hang them on a tree branch, the dogs would just go and sit underneath the branch!  They WANTED to wear their packs!  Thank you so very much! 
Patrice Doyle

Raja wearing a Reflector dog pack

Patrrice also sent us the following message:

We were packing every other weekend doing overnighters and going 5-8 miles. The dogs wore their packs religiously, and were “in charge” of carrying their food, the first aid kit, and the garbage. At night we just hung the dog packs up in the trees along with our human food/toothpaste, etc. Made it super easy.

The packs hold up great… never a rip, tear or any repairing at all… and believe me… we went through water, bushes, over down trees, had to jump over stuff. I’ve got the
Trail Dog patches sewn on them too! Your packs are the best fitting out there and for the shepherd, fitting over the shoulders rather than straight plunked in the middle of their backs make their time on the trail all the more pleasureful and comfortable.

Happy Packing!