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Sal (X Breed) | Dog Packs: Saddle Bag, X Breed

Sal wearing his SaddleBag dog pack

Here is Terri Azevedo’s six year old Border Collie mix Sal wearing his Saddle Bag dog pack. This is what Terri wrote about Sal’s pack:

My husband and I take Sal and our three other dogs (two basset hounds and a shelti mix) to a huge park across the street from us every day. The back pack is great because it makes Sal slow down and walk nicely (with weights on each side of the pack). We live in Canada, about 1/2 hour from Toronto. We are very happy with this back pack.

I love looking at all the beautiful dogs on your website wearing their packs! The scenery is fantastic too!

Thank you again.

Terri Azevedo