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Parade of Lights (Samoyeds) | Dog Packs: Banzai, Dog Packs: Reflector, Samoyed

Denver Samoyed Association parade of Lights
Some of the members of the Denver Samoyed Association, along with a few of their friends, participated in Denver’s very own “9News Parade of Lights”. The parade is in it’s 35th year with over 35 lighted entries. This club was invited to participate this year, but their trouble was lighting. They decided to sew battery operated Christmas lights on their Wolf Packs. The packs serviced the dogs very well. The Banzai packs were especially handy because the extra pockets provided a place to store the battery pack for the lights. This parade was televised and viewed in person by over 300,000 people! The dogs and their packs were a hit! Thank you Kurt Fehilhauer for providing this fabulous parade photo.

Close up view of Banzai Dog Pack with lights sewn on

This photo detail shows how Lori Elvera attached the lights to her Banzai dog pack. The batteries were stored inside the outer pocket, while the light strings were wound back and forth across the outer surface of the pack and hand-stitched in place.